5 weeks post op

Today marks my 5th week post op. I have another appointment next week to transition to PWB, probably. Right now i am still pretty numb on the outside of my foot. I can move my ankle around slightly, but the ROM hasn’t really improved much in the past week…but I’m not really pushing it too hard.

I take off the boot while I am at home just sitting on the couch/bed. Does anyone else do this around week 4-5? I sleep in the boot because i’m nervous about twitching.

I am thinking about getting an MRI to make sure the surgery worked and everything is in tact how it should be after the surgery. Has anyone else done this? I don’t know if it just an irrational fear…but I always feel like it didn’t work and my achilles isn’t put back together.

Below is the link to a picture of what my achilles looks like right now. You can see the huge blister on my heel…which is wonderful looking.


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  1. I am about 3 weeks post-op (Speedbridge) and have been back to ortho for one post-op appointment where sutures and plaster splint were removed and I was placed back in the boot I had been in pre-op. Regarding the boot, I was given extremely specific instructions to only take it off while showering (in a chair, no submerging until incisions are completely healed) and to not do ROM until/unless directed otherwise at my next ortho appointment.

    I feel for you because there are so many different opinions on the recovery process and you seem to be trying to figure it all out and navigate on your own.
    Have you been given the support and instructions you need from your ortho team? I understand your concern about how effective the surgery was; have you spoken to your doctor? I don’t know that you’ll find anyone who has gotten an MRI without an order from their doctor.

    Your fears are not irrational, Popouch, we’re all right there with you!

  2. Your numbness is normal - I was numb on the outside of my foot including the outer 2 toes, but you will gradually get the feeling back. When you let your leg out the boot, feel the Achilles. If there is tension then you’re good (and from the photo it looks like there is). Surgery is quite effective at keeping the ends together so the tendon can heal - it’s very slow but you just need to sit back and let your body work on it. It will get there.

  3. I have some numbness on base of my big toe and heel, other than that i have decent ROM on my ankle although it’s very weak. I’m on 5th week post-op, had my cast removed and into boot just starting this week.

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