Please Help (2 Surgery and No Improvement)

First i would like to tell you i am 29 years and old and consider myself pretty healthy and active.  I have never smoked a cig in my life.   Or i have never done a drug in my life.   Thats just a little back ground info.  In June of 2008 I ruptured my achilles tendon.   So i knew this was a very serious injury, but i had good attitude and knew i would be fine in the long run with lots of hard work.  Now i needed to find trusted surgeon to re attach my achilles.  Within a week of the injury i was going in for surgery with a doctor i felt very comfortable with.   Surgery went good the doctor said.  The first week i was in temp. cast.   Then i went back to doctor and he fitted me with a boot.   The second week i kept that boot on 24 hours a day.   Then in the third week while i was on the couch he let me start moving it a little.   This went on for about two more weeks.  Then i started walking in my boot and i was able to take it off to sleep with.   My boot had four wedges in it and i was suppose to take one out every week.  Everything went good for the first three weeks of walking then i tripped in my boot and lost my balance stepping over child gate.  And i felt a pretty good pain in my achilles.  I went back to the doctor and he told me that bad news that i re-ruptured my achilles.  This destroyed me mentally.  I now had to have another surgery.   So five days later i was scheduled for another surgery.   So this time while he was preforming surgery he took a skin jacket and wrapped in around my achilles.   He said this would help protect and support it.  Again he said surgery went great.   This time he let me have no movement for the first eight weeks (still in boot not a cast).  Which sucked but i understood.  Then i started walking after eight weeks and i was to take a wedge out every two weeks.  I went in for check-up at about 11 weeks i had just taken out my second wedge.  He said he didnt like what my achilles looked like on the Thompson Test so he scheduled an MRI.  The results of the MRI showed that it was not healing correcting that it was pulling apart AGAIN.  So now he is a loss at what to do.   Needless to say i am going to another doctor now.  Has anyone ever heard of such a thing?

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  1. Pokerpun,

    Sorry to hear of your dilemma. Obviously there are many reasons that it is not healing; poor circulation, skin jacket too tight, adhesions and scarring, etc. Your getting another opinion so thats good. You didn’t say what type of MD. If not get another opinion with a podiatrist. Ask about a tendon grafting if they (heaven forbid) need to do another surgery.
    Good luck and let us know what’s happening.

    Doc Ross

  2. Thanks so much for the support i will give you more info when i go to the foot and ankle specialist on Monday!

  3. Another post from RogerG: 3 weeks in cast (Equinus), then 9 weeks in Vacoped, early Equinus, wedge sole etc etc; final orthopod appointment ‘ not healed’ still 5 cm gap. Apparently I have a very strong calf muscle and ? Tendon which together with scar tissue will hold it all together! As long as I don’t want to pursue any ‘explosive’ sports ! I’m 66 and have started static cycling, pushing up the tension to 10 for 30 minutes plus theraband, plus edge of step exercise. YES, I do get some swelling after excercise, but icing and elevation is a great help. The AT ends are not going to heal apparently, and I still have a limp, which is getting better by the week - 6 weeks after going into two shoes. My Orthopod says that he is happy with my progress: BUT it could take twelve months before I am walking 100%

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