3 weeks in…

Hey thanks everyone, this is really helpful!

As it happens, since my ATR I have had to travel a lot, by car and by plane and I just realized what great culture there is for people with disabilities, specially while in airports (except for some people at Continental in Houston where I had to wait for 15 minutes for someone to push me through immigration).

I just got back home  today again and I feel I can put more weight on the boot without feeling any pain, almost walking slowly around home without crutches, is this normal, did you walk around this early???


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  1. Hey Poet,
    I am at 2 1/2 weeks and using one crutch, partial weight bearing; however, with the boot still pointed down 30 degrees, I believe it would be hard to walk even w/ a good leg in the boot.
    Also, I am non-op–you?

    Is your boot still 30 degrees down and do you have a wedged sole?

  2. During week 3 post op, I started PWB in the VACOcast at 30deg plantarflexion w/crutches. At 4 weeks, I started FWB as tolerated, which for me, ended up pretty much being just plain FWB, and throughout the week, I moved to 20deg plantarflexion in the VACOcast.
    I think it sounds like you’re doing great!
    Just be really careful to keep the repair protected and safe…you’re still vulnerable to injury.
    Congrats on this great new step! It’s the first step to feeling “normal”!

  3. Hey Poet,
    I just posted @ 3 wks and I am having a similar level of confidence. Only last week I wouldn’t have thought I would be walking. Keep us posted of your progress. I am right behind you : )

  4. I ruptured my Achilles 3 weeks ago and I am in a Cam Walker boot. I’m doing the non surgical route as the doc suggested since I don’t have insurance. I was playing basketball when it happened and hope to someday return playing. I know recovery takes 12 months and I’m willing to do that. But should I be excited that I’ve been walking in my boot with no issues. I’m trying to figure out the best way to let it heal. I’m supposed to start therapy in a month or so. in the meantime, i wear the boot wherever I go and only take it off when I’m showering or going to sleep….
    I keep reading different accounts so i dunno what to expect with my situation

  5. Wow! How are you guys able to walk in these boots?? I’m 5 weeks post tear (full)…and am to be trying to FWB and I’m having a difficult time with the size and angle of the boot! Do you have any suggestions? A higher shoe on the good foot??? Also feeling intense burning at night - anyone else?

  6. A higher shoe on the “good” foot is important, but that’s for hip and spine alignment. I wouldn’t expect some mis-alignment to hurt your ATR ankle or foot, and certainly not instantly and extremely painfully. (Just a medical opinion from a non-medical “expert”, of course!)

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