Is there a site like this for ACLs?

asking for a friend…

9 Weeks update

9 weeks on and things are getting back to normal. I am in two flat shoes with no limp (if slow), negotiate stairs, ride a road bike, swim, bounce my little baby on my bad leg, stand one footed (injured leg) pretty much indefinately and my calf is starting to grow again.  I am just [...]

5+ Weeks and Wondering…

What can I do in my boot? I am supposed to be partial weight bearing with 2 crutches but I get no pain or weakness walking FWB. Also, I have yet to go to physio and get it approved, but I can ride a stationary bike with no pain, fatigue or swelling, though [...]

1 Month in; Looking back and forward

As an aggressive skier and mountain biker,  I am no stranger to injury.  This most recent impairment has been somewhat more daunting than previous experiences, however.  I guess this is the case for most of us, hence the popularity of a blog site dedicated to ruptured Achilles tendons.
My ruptured my Achilles a little over a [...]