9 Weeks update

9 weeks on and things are getting back to normal. I am in two flat shoes with no limp (if slow), negotiate stairs, ride a road bike, swim, bounce my little baby on my bad leg, stand one footed (injured leg) pretty much indefinately and my calf is starting to grow again.  I am just short of full passive ROM, though it requires a bit of stretching before hand and my ankle is quite stiff in the morning.  I am pretty lucky in that I have had little pain througout, which is a blessing in a country that won’t perscribe pain killers, even in immediately post surgery, and have had no tightness or other issues with the scar tissue.  I also don’t seem to have any noticible swelling after long walks, though it does get stiff and I am limping by the end. 

I have, however, gained a bit of weight.  I am 2kg heavier than pre injury but that isn’t really telling the full story as I am sure I have lost a lot of muscle.  I am a normally very active person but burn most of my calories through play (moutain biking, skiing, mountaineering, trampolining, white water kayaking).  I find it hard to motivate to do tedius gym type excersize and I am finding it hard to adjust my eating and drinking habits to reflect my more sedintary lifestyle, especially given the boredom.  I even overheated my Playstation the other day!

Still, I am happy with my progress.  The biggest milestone was dropping the crutches and being able to carry my 4 month old son around.  He is even happier about the situation and I.  Last night we even did a bit of “dancing” in front of the bathroom mirror, which I never would have thought I would have been able to do even a couple weeks ago.  I think my next milestone will be MTBing in a boot. I did a search of the site and found this guy, Peter, who was killing it at 4 months.  If anyone could tell me what kind of boot he has on, it will be helpful.  I don’t think my vacocast is really up to the task.   http://achillesblog.com/peterh/files/2009/08/july-15-whistler-with-bryan-010-small.jpg 

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