Post OP - 5 days

The first five days after the surgery went better that I thought. The first day, the nerve block that I had during the surgery had not worn off yet, so I felt no pain at all. I was in some pain during the second and third day; luckily, the painkillers worked like a charm. Their benefits far outweighed the discomfort caused by the side-effects (in my case, constipation and hiccups). Getting up to go walk on my crutches was painful and I could feel a rush of blood coming down to my leg. So I tried to stay in bed. Since yesterday, I’m not taking painkillers anymore and everything seems to be fine. I still try to keep my leg elevated for as much as I can. Today, I have been able to work from home, with my leg over the desk. I think I’ll be able to go to my regular working schedule tomorrow (6th day).


Hi All,

I had surgery this morning and now I am writing from my bed. Everything went fine. So far, I haven’t experienced any pain or discomfort in my leg. I received general anesthesia and a nerve block that hasn’t worn off yet. My throat is a little bid dry and sore, so I am keeping my speaking to a minimum.

Anyways, this is how it happened…

It was exactly 15 days ago, while I was playing soccer. Since I arrived kind of late to the game, I didn’t warm-up or stretched appropriately. I was also wearing my 3-year old cleats that were in pretty bad condition. Thinking back, I did everything wrong. However, I had never had any injury apart from a couple of sprains in my ankles; besides, the first digit of my age is still a 2 so I didn’t think I had anything to worry about. Well, I was wrong again.

About 40 minutes into the game, I was keeping up with my marking responsibilities during a defensive corner kick. As soon as the ball was kicked, I tried to sprint and I felt the kick in the back of my left leg and a loud “snap!” It took me about 5 minutes to look for “Achilles tendon injury” in my iPhone and realize what had just happened. I was a little bit puzzled because I was not in so much pain (I’d say that it was 4/10).

I managed to drive myself  to the ER. Driving was not easy because I drive a manual stick car, so I had to use my heel to press the clutch. In the ER the pain subsided and I was feeling rather well. However, I could not extend my left foot so I was almost sure it was the AT. I was told I had a partial tear and that I should see my PCP between 5 to 7 days and went home with a splint and crutches.

Within the next two days I became increasingly uneasy with the “waiting” so I called to my PCP office and got a referral to the orthopedist. I was 8 days out when I went to the orthopedist. He felt the gap in my left leg and my Thompson test resulted positive. He told me that I had a complete tear (no MRI). I was scheduled for surgery one week after that, that is, today.

So far, I have managed to get around with crutches just fine and, for the most part, I have not been in pain (0/10). I think that the fact that I was not in pain misled the doctors in the ER to assume that I had only a partial tear. Eventually, this resulted in my surgery being 15 days after the injury. I have been reading many stories of people in their blogs and, in general,  their surgeries were much sooner. Oh, well… not much use in complaining about this.

I am glad that I found this blog, so I can share my story and read yours. I’ll be posting more soon. My wife just brought my 10-month old to play with me for a while. She will be playing with the keyboard for a while now…