Although I can walk and do some really short jogging (like .1 mile 3 times in a 2 mile walk for example) I am coming to the conclusion that I was abandoned…by the Mayo clinic in Rochester, supposedly the best of the best, they fly in patients from all over the world, presidents and famous people like every time Jack Roush crashes another one of his experimental planes. Maybe I am just looking to blame someone other than myself for my injury, maybe.
But I went to the Mayo (a 140 mile each way trip, so not really local), saw a doctor who thankfully squeezed me into his busy schedule, had a couple of X-rays and a 20 minute boot fitting, telling me to wear the boot for 6 to 8 weeks. Then a scheduled MRI a few days later, and a quick call from the doc to say the tearing had stopped and that he would send me some rehab information. Well after 6 weeks and no information (was it supposed to come after the 6 to 8 weeks???) I went to the Mayo and asked at the desk if I missed something…apparently the doc did, then I’m told he quit and telling them I was told I was to receive rehab info I was handed a generic “at week 1″ do this….etc…
Well how does that work for … now its week6 and I immobilized my leg and lost inches off my calf?
Maybe its just me, but when I get a bill for over $3000 and I feel that I got the initial immobilization and the MRI to check the condition of what was left of the AT, but I dont feel that I got the recovery phase at all….hmmmmm

recovering marathonolic

Well its started again, I took a walk, a reasonably long walk for the first time, have to remember to slow it down a bit. 2 miles walked with some uphill moments, yes the achilles complained, yes it hurt, but as they say ‘if it aint hurtin it aint workin’, within reason, no spreading pain, just very isolated at the pint of injury pain. I wore good stability running shoes and took it easy, the last time I took a GPS watch out I was looking at minute/miles , this time I was purely looking at distance, and keeping the speed down. I tried to keep good form, and get home lol good day, lots of ice…we will see in the morning

Pain in all the right, or wrong places

So the boots been off for about a week, I have yet to do anything other than ride my tri-bike set up on a bike trainer in the basement and some minimal eccentric strength training, just a little, enough not to aggrevate the AT. My main findings are that the tendon swells and gets painfull more from the day to day rubbing of the tip of the heel piece on a shoe, than it appears to from excersize. I made a 40 mile each way trip on Saturday and it hurt more and all day from that, than any walking I have done, so I may have to wear the boot for driving. Other than that it feels great, especially when using KT tape, and again this could be a placebo ’safe’ feeling more than anything else, or it could be that the tendon receives less wear and tear from footwear, either way I will continue with the KT tape, and hate to admit it, but I will be doing some longer walks to see how it goes, get into a steady bike/walk/EST routine and go from there. If there was a plastic AT protector that stopped shoe impacts I think I would be healing faster…maybe

Rollercoaster @ protection

Ok, so I have been bottless for a few days, and found out a few things, #1 driving long distances can really put a strain on the left foot, which is wierd as all it does is sit there unattended (in the future I wont be driving long distances without the boot for a while) #2 no matter what shoe designers tell you, the point at which a shoe, running or not, rubs the back of your leg is always going to be that point an inch or two above the heel which coincidentally is also the most common point for tearing the achilles tendon.
To offset this wonderfull finding I applied some KT Tape as in the online video for Achilles tendon support. I also doubled up on the piece that runs up the back of the leg from the heel (without tension) to double the impact protection. I have a CEP achilles brace, the one with the two gel pieces that are supposed to massage and protect the tendon, but all that does now is cause me more pain because of the constant pressure. So I have support without the pain, give me a ‘K’, give me a ‘T’, ra ra KT tape etc…good stuff! The rollercoaster part of this message is the mental unwinding as you reach post bootdom, when you take the boot off you feel like, ‘I DID IT!!’, but…… of course Im not healed, and the achilles still wouldnt appreciate a good old fashioned workout running hill repeats, especially as I now weight 270 instead of 230..hmmmm Im not fat, just big-boned ;) So now the real work begins, I am deep into the Brain Training for runners book for the second time, enjoying that, and ready to start some walking, obviously I am going to have to listen carefully to my body instead of my GPS watch, but we all adapt, its slightly depressing that I cant run around still, that I still have that entry for Grandmas marathon in June, but I have set a new goal of a half at the end of August in St Paul, MN. I may make it, I may not, but I am going to have a goal, I NEED a goal right now…..thanks for all the support, I really appreciate it, its a long road, but we will make it through!

Some pain, no boot

Well the past two days wihtout a boot were great, although a little painful at times, but that would be the same for any injury during recovery. My wife had a bad week with her R.A. and as odd as it sounds, life challenges help to refocus you. I would give all my health to my wife to see her pain free and be able to do the things that I do, but thats not attainable :( I have not done walked any real long distances yet, but plan on getting on the bike trainer Monday onwards, and also to do my eccentric strength training. I do feel however that I need to do some running/jogging because afterall my body needs to conform to its future and I do not plan on giving up my running. If I build my legs to walk and stretch, I also need to rebuild them in a running environment. Just not looking for a sub 10 mile until I run grandmas in June 2013, maybe even 9s or 8s…..Im making the most of life, even if its after being kind to my legs

no boot

Well seeing as the doctors decided to abandon me, thankyou Mayo Clinic of Rochester, you made me feel like you dont care, oh thats right you dont lol
I decided to go sans boot today, luckily I have a hiddeous desk job supporting a network and its computers, so it shouldnt be so bad. I feel very weak in the left leg and 98% of my day will be sitting, still I have to remember not to bend the ankle in all funny directions while sitting, not as easy as you think.


So, during a trip to the Mayo in Rochester for my wife, I went to the desk that handles my own doctor for my Achilles to see if my doctor was…..to put it bluntly…still there. I had not heard anything since the boot went on exactly 5 weeks ago.
Well I found out something, something interesting….#1 the doctor had ‘forgotten’ to send me my PT instructions, which apparently were supposed to have been sent the day after he read my MRI (5 weeks ago tomorow) and…
#2. My doctor resigned his position Monday…erm…what? lol that might explain a few things.
So… I received some generic PT instructions/prescription that stated ” eccentric strength training to work patient out of boot in 4 to 6 weeks”
Apparently I should be out of my boot in 6 days, awesome!! Only I got the PT info 5 weeks late..bummer lol
Really? shouldnt a medical facility that sends me a bill for a few..quite a few thousand dollars really forget its patients, I really didnt want to spend next christmas in a worn out boot, with a calf muscle the size of a pea
Oh well, all water under the bridge now… at least I can start my EST when I want to, Im about ready to throw the boot in the trash and go for a walk……………..


So…silly question really, but is the bump on my torn achilles ever going to go away, or am i waiting for something to happen thats not going to?
Also, with a 50% tear of the tendon, and being able to stand pretty good on both legs, should my doctor be giving me PT work, or so I need to be in the brace for another 4 weeks (4 down to this point) before we start that. The only time I saw a doctor was when I actually saw him for the tear and boot fitting.
I know, I know, only qyestions the doc can really answer, but I dont have any follow up appointments and feel like I have been left to fend for myself.


Well now I am officially at the halfway mark for boot-dom, 4weeks of the 8 weeks projected. I have learnt alot about how lucky we are to walk around and run unimpeded and I have also learnt how important goals are in our lives. I still read articles in Triathlon magazines, Running magazines, books on good form, and have an interest in Cross-fit, or similar, looks like fun to be drowning in your own sweat…is that a healthy way to think? Probably not, but its fun to think I can do that someday soon.

I still laugh about the guy who asked me if I was going to run a 3:30 for a BQ at Grandmas Marathon only to answer him that I too wanted to get to the Duluth finish line by 3:30pm, Im pretty sure thats not what he meant, but when your the fattest guy on the startline bus humor has its own values. I will complete some races this year, even if its a walk or a slow jog, my PR goals are shot for the year, but looking on the positive side of things I can experiment with form, try some things, get out of some bad habits and explore running again from a fresh perspective.

Injury is definately not the end-of-the-world, it may be a new beginning, and after 6 months to a year of sidelined non-fitness it may also be a heavier challenge, but its definately not the end. I see and experience lows and highs in our days, but it looks like we are a resiliant bunch. Most of us, if not all want to return to running or triathlons, ultrathons and I guess the mentality that got us into what other people might deem ‘mindless’ running for hours to enter a race you know you wont win, will get us through.

A personal goal is just that, personal, sometimes we are the only ones that understand it, it may be just to get out of bed in the morning, or it may be to run 100 miles just to experience what it feels like. I enjoy the challenge, I want more, I never want to give up, I dont want to give in to the demons of defeat…..ever…..

Today is presidents day,  a day to celebrate the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, (not entirely acurate on true birthdates) but also a day to celebrate leadership through all of our presidents. We still observe our freedoms and appoint our presidents to help us sustain them, I for one am thankful for that. Have a great day!!!


I noticed something which I had never even given a thought to previously, my booted left leg is now an inch smaller around the calf muscle than the unbooted leg lol. I guess it is because I only work from the knee up on that leg now. In another month I will have a broom handle leg and a popeye leg lol