Scar Progression

Maybe I’m weird, but I liked looking at the scar/incision pics people posted when I first found this site. Heck, I even asked my orthopedic surgeon to take a picture during surgery so I could see my exploded tendon. So I thought I’d make a page to show the progression from right after surgery to later on down the line in case anyone is interested in how these surgical wounds heal. The line you see in the first two photos is the point at which the tendon ruptured.

Surgery pic. View at your own risk!

Eleven days after surgery

11 days

Twenty days after surgery

20 days

One month

One month

Two months
At this point I stopped taking photos…it hasn’t changed much since this one. When my foot/ankle get swollen, the scar gets redder and is more noticeable. Other than that, it doesn’t look too bad these days.

2 months

2 Responses to “Scar Progression”

  1. I can’t get over some of the scars I’ve seen. Mine is neat and tidy but ranges from pink to red to deep purple depending on my mood!! But that’s me - my scars always take forever to tone down. Yours isn’t even noticeable.

  2. Yeah, some of them are just nuts. There was one on the FB Achilles group that was a Z-pattern (a different type of procedure required it, I guess).

    When I first saw my stitches I thought my scar would be a lot worse. It’s amazing how it all heals. I’ll admit to being a little disappointed…now, if I’m not wearing my compression socks, nobody knows anything is going on. I feel like telling everyone what happened so they understand how special I am. :)

    Mine does change quite a bit day to day. There’s a darker area toward the bottom and one toward the top that can get pretty pink.

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