One year anniversary.

This weekend marked one year since surgery. What a roller coaster ride it’s been. I’m happy to see that marathon tracker stopped at the finish line over on the right side!

I don’t have much to add to the other anniversary posts, but looking back I thought it might be helpful to note how my recovery fit roughly into quarters:

1st quarter / March-May = shock, depression, the daily grind of getting around on an iWalk or crutches

2nd quarter / June-August = rapid improvement, ditching crutches, PT, driving again, lots of milestones

3rd quarter / September-November = Plateau City. I’m sure there were small improvements but overall I felt stuck.

4th quarter / December-February = another spell of improvement and increased sense of overall ability.

I still have stiffness and reduced mobility in my right ankle, and there’s still a nodule or adhesion or something toward the base of my incision, and that can be painful sometimes. I figure that stuff will improve in the second year as I work on flexibility and strengthening.

Not much more to say these days, thankfully. Good luck to anyone just starting out and I hope some of my past posts are helpful. Thank you, too, to everyone here who helped me out along the way.

5 Responses to “One year anniversary.”

  1. Congrats PJ! If you haven’t tried walking on the beach or around a sand volleyball court give that a try. Another friend who plays soccer and had an AT rupture said walking on the sand helped free up some last scar adhesions she had.

  2. I will echo cserpent about walking on sand. After I first did a couple hikes over sand dunes I had a quantum improvement in my flexibility. I have been on sand a few times since and it is a great work out each time.

  3. Congrats on the anniversary lol! Always thanks for the month by month break-down. I enjoy going back and reading each milestone. Completely agree with you on everything! Looking back my only regret has been not having more patience and not eating real well with my diet! I always said If i could get my diet to line up with training I would be running sub 6:00 minute miles HAHA.

    Good luck the rest of the way!

  4. Thanks! Yeah, I could probably pick up some speed if I improved my diet. I like beer too much!

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