24 weeks post-op.

I’ve noticed a little more progress lately so I thought I’d update my blog. After 3-4 weeks of feeling stuck, I noticed last week that I was able to walk farther and do more calf exercises. I even managed my first single-leg calf raises, and now I can do those with enough confidence to add that exercise to my routine. I can’t do very many, and it’s not easy, but it’s getting better day-by-day.

I walked about 5 miles total on the day of the solar eclipse, spread out over 3 separate outings walking around Charleston. That was when I realized something must be getting better - a few weeks earlier that would have been difficult, if not impossible, due to stiffness and soreness in my ankle.

I’ll probably attempt some light jogging this week at the gym. Nothing major, just a test. I still get some odd feelings in my ankle and my knee that have me not wanting to rush things. My ankle gets sore, like bone on bone sore, in the front area (near the top of my foot). My knee gets little twinges and tweaks here and there, and I can only guess that my gait is still off-kilter somehow and that stresses the joint.

All in all, though, it’s nice to see progress - even if I’m only headed for another plateau.

Oh, one other random thing: I have a spot on my heel that’s numb about 90% of the time. I don’t know when that started (most likely when a surgeon sliced into my leg lol), but I finally realized that what I thought was an ill-fitting shoe was actually just a strange feeling at the heel of the shoe because of that numbness.

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  1. Good to hear you’ve made some progress again. I’ve been feeling stuck too. Since about the end of July. My PT is pretty tired of me and my lack of progress, I think. I remember reading on someone else’s blog, who was a year out from a Haglund’s removal (what I had done) who said that progress had been slow, sometimes imperceptively so. I guess it’s normal to go through those frustrating stages of nothingness.

    I get that bone on bone pain too. I call it “nags at your soul kind of pain” because it is such a deep pain. But mine is right through my ankle joint. Gets so I don’t even want to wiggle a toe, but just sit still and do nothing. I can’t even concentrate on anything else when it gets like that.

    Keep up on your single leg calf raises - anything that gets better by the day is a good motivator!

    And keep enjoying that beach of yours!

  2. Sorry for the stuck feeling! It really nags at me because I still can’t wrap my head around this being a year, or multi-year, recovery. I hope you get out of the nothingness stage soon.

    That’s a good description of the bone pain. I had a misstep a couple of weeks ago that caused the worst pain I’ve felt this entire time, and it was like bones pushing together. Scared the crap out of me. I was down after that because it was kind of a shock. I guess it’s a reminder of how the entire area is a work in progress.

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  3. I have a numb spot on my heel as well. It gets a little less numb as time progresses so yours may get more feeling back too in a month or so. When you start jogging try it in 30 second intervals. I started with 30 seconds on, 1 minute off, 30 seconds on, 1 minute off. Or if you need more walking then walk longer between jogs. I definitely had to slowly work up to continual jogging. And it wasn’t just my foot that complained - my legs did too! In fact I’m still working on getting my leg strength back. I know it will take time - so I just keep working at it :)

    Glad you’re able to do single leg calf raises! Do as many as you can and when it gets easy add some more.

    I’m sorry you’re at a plateau shell! Those are really frustrating. You might try just taking a break. When my IT band REALLY got unhappy I just laid off for several days and just did my glute PT exercises and stretches. When the knot in my IT band was finally loosening up and I started working out harder I was able to do more. I think the body just needs to take a break sometimes. I was reading about John McEnroe and Jon Benoit and they both found that as they got older they had take time off from working out in order to continue competing. So don’t feel bad about taking a break - those 2 are world class athletes and they do it :)

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