21 weeks post-op.

I guess I’m officially in the “Well, I don’t have much to say at the moment” phase, but I thought I’d post a quick update.

21 weeks since surgery, 22 since the injury, and as others have mentioned recently I think progress is best measured month-to-month at this point. I don’t see much difference if I look back a week…but if I go back 2-3 weeks I can see a lot of changes. The big one for me right now is that my calf raise exercises don’t hurt as much, which allows me to do more strengthening work without getting scared that something is wrong. I had some pain in my ankle tendons and the lowermost part of the Achilles that made me cautious; now, as the entire area gets stronger, it all feels better. I’m not quite to the point of a single leg calf raise, but it feels close. (I’m also not rushing that.)

I spent a week in Colorado and experienced my first extended period of time in an area with inclines/declines. I managed okay. Going down trails, especially with little rocks making it treacherous, was an adventure so I didn’t go crazy with the hiking. Mostly it felt good to walk around and feel my leg working. I still think about almost every step, and my ankle feels stiff and uncooperative more often than not, but there’s a lot more functionality there, if that makes sense.

That’s about it! A long road, and a long way to go. Good luck to everyone who’s in the early stages. Well, any stage, for that matter.

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  1. It’s good to hear you’re doing well pj. I had noticed that your weekly updates had become….less than weekly! It is kind of frustrating when things become a grind of basically “hurry up and just be better already”. I’ve been stuck in a bit of a setback for the last couple weeks, and progress has definitely slowed.
    Your week in Colorado sounds lovely. Good for you for getting out and doing some hiking. Now get back and enjoy the beach for me!! Heehee!

  2. Glad to hear things are going well PJ! I was so excited to be able to do inclines! My doc forbade it until the 6 month mark. Went up/down the steep hill at the gym parking lot just because I could on Thursday - LOL! My handicap permit expired at the 6 month mark - for that exact reason - I can walk anywhere now!

  3. I kind of liked going up and down moderate hills. It made for a nice little stretch, and it also made me feel like my leg might work normally again some day.

    Shell - I was just at the beach last night, as a matter of fact. I went in the water for the first time (before I was too worried about my poor stability in the waves). It still doesn’t feel too great to walk barefoot on the sand, but it’s better than earlier when I had to wear my running shoes to even manage it. I’m sorry to hear about your setback. The plateaus/setbacks are really tough when everything takes so long even in an “ideal” timeline. I hope this coming week brings some relief and/or forward momentum!

  4. Curious… exactly 5 months today since RT Achilles FHL . I am having really tight quads. So much so that I need to roll them out with a rolling pin a few times a day. I remember doing it during my last left Achilles FHL years ago. Anyone else have these symptoms?

  5. I’m at 6 months and my glutes/IT band are really tight. I’m pretty sure mine is from doing the running and such that I haven’t done for months - or in the case of straight running - in years since my foot hurt too much. I’m foam rolling and doing various stretches.

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