16 weeks post-op.

Sixteen weeks. Wow. Four months since surgery, a little over that since the injury. That feels extra crazy today for some reason.

Steady progress at the gym, with some random soreness as I add weight to seated single-leg calf raises, increase reps of standing calf raises (still 2 legs), and extend my time on the exercise bike. Also have some leg press and leg extension work to tease my right leg back into shape. They have one of those bumpy/knobby foam rollers there so I use that to torture myself. I have one of the smooth rollers at home. Those bumps make a big difference.

I stepped on one of my son’s mini-basketballs with my repaired foot when I stood up from the dinner table a few nights ago. A consequence of my “No playing basketball in the house…unless your mommy’s not here and then we can do it” flexible rule style. Stepping on a ball or toy was a huge fear of mine early on, so when I almost fell I had the fleeting thought - “this is it! re-rupture time!” - but I twisted my ankle a bit and nothing bad happened. Good to get a slip like that out of the way. Everything feels so much stronger around the ankle these days.

On to month number five!

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  1. pjhalifax-

    I am also 16 weeks post op after a full rupture. I am biking well, walking OK, and got my first one-legged toe raise a few days ago. Would be interesting to compare learnings, notes and progress.


  2. Hey Dave -

    Sounds like you might be a little farther along as far as strength goes. I haven’t tried a one-legged raise yet. The 2-leg raises feel better this week and I think I’ll start going up with 2 and going down with most/all weight on my healing leg soon.

    Yesterday, for the first time in a long time, I went a little too far. I was doing fairly intensive yard work that involved pulling a tarp filled with leaves, old much, etc. It was heavy, and that kind of movement (driving forward while pulling the tarp behind me) put a lot of stress on my leg. By mid-day my knee hurt, and then that went away, and then my heel hurt near the Achilles insertion point last night and this morning. My guess is that weak calf muscles mean extra stress above and below, so my quad, knee, and ankle tendons all got extra work (along with the Achilles).

    It’s nice to slowly add in some more activities, although it seems like each one brings a reminder of the work to be done.

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