Beach PT

Finally got around to working on photo uploads. I made a scar page so my stitches and scar can be preserved on the Internet forever. There’s even a surgery pic.

Here’s a quick shot of my beach PT routine:


That’s my son running away from me at the bottom right, and that sort of thing makes up a large part of my PT these days. He’s still a lot faster than me so I have to keep hitting the gym and working up to sprint work ASAP.

3 Responses to “Beach PT”

  1. Ahhh…I love it! What a gorgeous beach! Wish I was there! Chasing after such a cute little guy sounds like the best kind of PT!! He looks fast and determined!!

  2. I need to get to the beach too - or at least a sand volleyball court. Walking on sand is good for the feet and, for one of my friends, broke up some last bits of scar tissue after her ATR.

  3. It’s really nice out there. And, post-hurricane, the dunes and softer sand have diminished so it’s a nice mix of firm/soft if that makes sense. I like to walk around looking for shark teeth while practicing my steps.

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