14 weeks post-op.

Fourteen weeks and all is well.

I managed a beach trip without too much trouble, so that was nice. Those outings are such a big part of our lives that it felt good to realize I can still go (early on I worried that I wouldn’t be able to go out there much this spring/summer). I won’t be jumping around in the waves any time soon, though.

I’ve experimented with taking off my compression sock at midday. My probably illogical, completely made-up theory is that my leg won’t learn how to pump blood properly if I keep helping it with compression. Therefore, I’m reducing the amount of compression sock time gradually. I don’t know if that has helped at all, but I can manage a half-day without too much swelling or discomfort.

I’m going to try a bike ride around the neighborhood this weekend. Riding with my son (in his bike seat) was one of my favorite pre-injury activities so I hope to start again soon. I won’t go out with him until I’m sure I feel comfortable getting on and off, etc. I want to feel confident that my leg can hold up to a sudden tip or fall in one direction. Which, now that I type that out, might be a few weeks off. Seeing re-rupture stories on the Achilles injury Facebook group makes me conservative about these things.

Not much else to report this week. That’s a good thing! Hope everyone has a good weekend and good luck with the rehabbing, recovery, and maybe even relaxing.

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  1. I enjoy hearing about your beach trips! I will live vicariously through you for now!!
    Your compression sock logic makes sense to me. But I really have no idea on that either!
    I’m anxious to get out on my “real” bike too, but right now the stationary bike at physio, on a rather low, very consistent level is more than enough for me. The real world is definitely not as flat and steady! It amazes me, that with such a seemingly little amount of ankle movement on the bike, I always really feel it later in the day and the next day. Let us know how it goes when you do eventually venture out.
    Good to hear that all is well!

  2. I learned today that I’m definitely not ready for the real bike - boy, it felt weird. I underestimated the additional weight, slight hills, and the overall weakness of my right leg. Back to the exercise bike for me!

    If I can ever figure out how to post a picture I’ll have to add a beach pic. We’re lucky to live close to a barrier island that is also a state park, so it’s mostly undeveloped and has great public-access beaches. The park actually just re-opened - it was closed after being hit hard by Hurricane Matthew last October.

  3. Hey Pj, you will get there, summer is just starting (well I am not sure where you live..) and the ramp up from where you are is faster than in the first weeks. The fear of re-rupture is real though. Many of the stories in fb group during my time got me super cautious too.

    As far as photos on this site, it is messed up. Regular uploading in the post never worked for me, so I had to do a work around.
    If you know html that will help. Just upload image to media in the editor. The images must be under 1Mb though. Then go into html formatting mode of your post and insert html code for image and the link in href will be the link to the upload photo. Just click on the photo in your media to open it in new browser and right click on it to get the link.

    If you do not know html, let me know and I can give you more detailed instructions.

  4. My PT guy has me doing several exercises to strengthen my butt/leg and calf since the entire leg got weak. I was also doing exercises for the leg when I was NWB and PWB but clearly not enough to keep the strength up on the muscles above the knee.

    For posting pics. Use the “add media” to get your picture loaded. Then find the picture, click on it “view” and copy the URL from the browser. Then start your new post. When you want to add the picture click on the “html” tab, click in your post where you want it added, then click the “img” button and paste the picture url. This will add the right html code for you. You can click back to the regular view mode to see what it looks like. I sometimes had to shrink the picture size or add some size information to the img command since the pictures didn’t always size to the page.

  5. Whoa….I feel like Charlie Brown and friends when their parents talk with those explanations of how to upload pictures!! I guess I won’t be doing that anytime soon! Good luck pj! I’d love to see your beach pics, it sounds gorgeous!

  6. Thanks for the tips on pics - I’ll try to post some soon.

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