10 weeks post-op. Shoes and clearance to drive.

May 18, 2017

Wow, an hour-long wait for a 5 minute visit and here I am - cleared for 2 shoes and driving. I tried unsuccessfully not to get my hopes up so I’m very glad everything worked out.

The doctor recommended easing in to the unbooted life. I think I’ll follow my physical therapist’s suggestion of starting with an hour a day of practice at home. I can use my son’s nap time as a safe hour or two to walk around without fear of toys, cats, or the toddler chasing them tripping me up. I’ll probably keep the boot on when I go outside. Our front yard has soft soil and enough small depressions to make me nervous right now, and I’m not confident enough to manage curbs, stairs, etc. when we’re out and about elsewhere.

The driving thing was anticlimactic. I went in halfway expecting to face some kind of crazy test - jumping jacks! vertical leap! - but it was almost an afterthought. The doc said he tells patients they can drive whenever they feel comfortable. He didn’t have any firm rules or major concerns. I could have asked at my visit 3 weeks ago and he would have said the same thing! I don’t think I was ready then so it’s probably for the best that I didn’t get ahead of myself.

I decided to give my original PT place one more try. I have an appointment tomorrow. I’m hoping that they’ll modify the plan a bit now that I have my doctor’s permission to take off the boot.

I forgot to mention last week that occasional bouts of fatigue still surprise me. It happened more in the early days, but even now I’ll have a day where I’m dog tired for no apparent reason. I guess it’s the healing and recovering and PT work catching up with me.

Here’s a random gadget I’ve found useful over the past month if anyone gets sore feet: a Moji foot massager. I got one a few years ago because it felt so nice after a long run. At this point in my recovery both feet tend to be quite sore at the end of the day; the Moji is awesome for relieving all the aches and tension. (I swear I’m not on their payroll!) Anyway, if anyone has found the standard tennis ball or golf ball foot massage lacking, you might give it a try. I have to use it every night or I get cranky.