9 weeks post-op. No news=good news.

Not much news this week. I put PT on hold for a while because my insurance provider has limited my number of covered visits. I’m supposed to get 20 and they’ve decided 8 should be enough to cover this. Haha…I wonder if someone coded the problem as a sprained ankle, rather than a complete rupture? Who knows anymore in this crazy insurance landscape.

Apparently I can get more visits approved with a note from the doctor so I’ll ask him about that at my visit next week. I’ve burned 6 already so I didn’t want to use up the last two quickly. It’s not a huge deal to miss PT right now, anyway, because aside from a 5-minute bike warmup I’m really only doing ROM stuff I can do at home. I don’t get enough out of the 1 to 1.5 hours to justify the trouble of getting a ride over there.

I might use this break to check out another PT place and reset the whole process - I’m not quite sold on the current clinic, to the point that I was already thinking of looking elsewhere before the visit count became an issue.

Enough about provider issues! I feel good about my ROM progress and I’m moving around in the boot a lot better than last week. It’s nice to be able to get out and do more things, like an all-day outing to the Greek festival we’ll be checking out tomorrow in Charleston.

My heel still gets sore by the end of the day. I’m not sure there’s much to be done about that (beyond my heel cushion insert). I’ve taken a few tentative steps out of the boot and it feels odd but not impossible to manage, so I’m still hopeful about getting the go-ahead for two shoes and maybe even driving next week.

I’m not thinking much in terms of strength yet. I do try some isometric *not sure of the term - no real resistance* calf tensing/releasing each day. I can feel a little more every time, if that makes any sense. When I first started it felt like there was one tiny string trying to do some work. Now it feels like a group of muscles slowly waking up.

That’s about all for week 9. Still hard to believe this all happened. At least the shock of the injury and surgery are slowly fading away.

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  1. I would say definitely shop around for a new physio place. My experience with physio has ranged anywhere from the place trying to get me in as often as possible, while doing as little as possible with me, to places that want to get me established with an at home exercise program, combined with some hands on stuff they do that I can’t do myself. I definitely prefer the latter. And you want someone who has some experience with Achilles injuries and their rehab. Hopefully you can get some more sessions approved and get in somewhere better.

    Sounds to me like you’re doing isometric exercises. That’s all I’m allowed to do so far. I have 4 that I do - I hold my ankles in neutral, then press my feet together so my good foot (right) prevents my bad foot (left) from moving to the right. Then I cross my legs and have my right foot prevent my left foot from going left. Then I do the same for the up and down movement. I hold each position for 5 seconds. It’s not much, but I can do more than when I started last Monday, so something is happening there!! I developed tendonitis in 6 different tendons after my last surgery, so we’re progressing very gradually this time. It’s frustrating at times, because I want to be better RIGHT NOW!! But I know it’s the best way to go.

    I hope you’re getting in lots of quality play time with your son. And have fun at the Greek festival. Try not to overdo it!!

  2. That’s good to hear (about the range of experiences). I’ll definitely check out at least one other place next week to see what they have to say. It’s been difficult to find anyone in the area (surgeons, PT, etc.) with extensive experience with Achilles injuries. I guess it’s the curse of being in a smaller town and market. Everyone says they see this 3-4 times a year and a rupture is treated like an oddity. I feel like I’ve had a solid surgical repair and adequate care overall, but I’d like to feel more confident in the whole process.

    Interesting you mention tendonitis issues. I’ve been wondering about that. I had trouble with my peroneal tendons on both sides prior to this, mostly when I was running a lot. At first I thought having a period of immobilization would help my right side, and now I wonder if I’ll have issues from the PT focus on my ankle. I’ve been throwing in off days whenever I feel like I’m overworking anything.

    My son has learned that I’m not fast enough to escape him when he has the garden hose. :)

  3. Sounds like you’re doing the right thing with some off days when needed. I’ve learned that “no pain, no gain” does NOT apply here! I had tendonitis in the peroneals, the anterior and posterior tibial tendons, the FHL tendon, and, of course, the Achilles. I know where my weaknesses are, and back off at the slightest indication of trouble. Maybe I’m being overly cautious, but I also know how hard it is, and how long it takes to get things to settle down again, once irritated. My PT told me to do my exercises twice a day, unless something starts to feel irritated, then just do them once, or take a day off. I found calf raises/heel lifts (whatever you want to call them) and proprioception (balance) exercises REALLY tough on the peroneals. Something to watch for if you’re susceptible to problems there.

    I can just picture you trying to escape your son and the garden hose!!

  4. The OK to drive isn’t really tied to 2-shoes. It’s tied to strength of your foot pressing down. I got the OK to drive (with a shoe on) at 6 weeks but was still in the boot everywhere else for 2 weeks. Glad things are progressing - slow progress is better than no progress! Tomorrow (after making breakfast for my mom) will be my day off - LOL! Doing my abductor/adductor exercises at the gym annoyed one of them. And I’ve been on my feet too much today so my achilles and heel are achy. Time to do my PT exercises and then hang out in bed with my foot elevated :)

    That’s funny about the garden hose! Your son’s a smart little fella!

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