8 weeks post-op. The PT parade.

May 5, 2017

It’s been a fairly uneventful week. PT 2x week continues, and until today’s visit I was considering dropping that to once a week or taking a week off to conserve my insurance-covered visits (20 allowed for the year).

We did some new things today that went beyond stretches that I can do at home - riding the exercise bike, doing some leg presses on a shuttle, and working with a BAPS board (round wobbly board for ankle ROM). More new stuff next week, maybe even water therapy.

PT has been different than I expected. Not having been before, I imagined working one-on-one for thirty minutes to an hour with a therapist who focused on explaining details, performing complicated and fascinating procedures, etc. I don’t know where that image came from - maybe my idea of what a pro athlete’s life might be like? In (my) reality, the therapist who did my initial evaluation assigned me to an assistant. For the first 3 visits he ran me through a basic warmup and standard ROM stretching routine, all while moving around among 2-3 other patients in similar states of disrepair.

I’m glad they added complexity today because I’m not sure those first few visits accomplished anything I couldn’t have done at home - other than generating income for the PT facility.

In boot news, I’m more comfortable walking in my Breg. I’m still not taking the smoothest steps, but I’m definitely not as clunky as a few days ago.

The best development this week has been adding compression socks to my piles of recovery gear. I wear one on my bum leg for most of the day and have much less swelling. That makes the ROM exercises easier (and more fruitful, I think) and my overall comfort level is much improved. I also swapped out my full-length SuperFeet insole for a heel pad and that seems to be better for managing heel pain.

Onward and upward. I have two weeks until my next doctor checkup and most of my energy is focused on making my foot appear accelerator-worthy. :)