7 weeks post-op - fastest checkup yet.

It’s hard to believe I had surgery seven weeks ago. And the injury itself happened two months ago!

My doctor erased my PWB timeline concerns by declaring I could go PWB as tolerated, and then on up to FWB when I feel ready, so that’s nice. I’d already tested out standing and bearing some weight in the boot; now I’ll make it official and see how I do. I was only in the office for 10 minutes or so. It’s such a change from my first visits when I’d get light-headed at the thought of going in there and getting evaluated, talking about surgery, getting stitches out, etc.

For boot aficionados or shoppers, the Breg boot (Genesis Walker), though a welcome change from the cast four weeks ago, doesn’t feel particularly well-suited to this injury or at least the PWB/FWB phase. I’m eyeing those VACOcasts with envy now. But hey, the Breg and I have come this far so I’ll give it a go. I added an orange SuperFeet insole that provides a better feel when I practice shifting weight around. Without it my foot moves around in there (the liner also slides against the outer shell), and that kind of movement doesn’t give me confidence as I try to re-learn this whole walking thing.

I thought the doc would be impressed with my range of motion but he rightly pointed out that moving my toes doesn’t count. :) It feels like I’m moving my foot a lot more than I actually am. With three weeks of PT between now and my next checkup, I should be able to show him some more progress.

My goal is to have everything looking good enough to get an all-clear for driving at week 10. Even though I know some folks have started earlier, I didn’t even ask about it today. I don’t think I’d want to try at the moment - the stiffness and weakness make me think I’m simply not ready. I’ll be happy working on my PWB-FWB work and going from there.

Onward we go! Here’s to PT twice a week, exercises at home, and with any luck a lonely iWalk gathering dust in the corner soon.

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  1. Congrats on being allowed to go PWB. As I’m finding out, it’s harder than it sounds! Your ROM will come. It’s a gradual process too. After my last surgery it took me about 8 months to get my full dorsiflexion back and that surgery didn’t even involve the Achilles. Good luck with everything. Here’s to driving in a few weeks - something good to look forward to!

  2. I agree - definitely harder than it sounds. I thought I’d be booting around here in no time but I’m taking it slow. I still get some achiness in my heel/tendon area if I try to do too much at once.

  3. Yay to PWB! The achiness is with you for a long time :) I found that as I was in shoes more I would get achy in shoes and not so much in the boot :) For me it is taking a long time for the heel ache to go away since they ground off bone and the bone is healing. I expect that to ache/be sensitive for at least 2 more weeks since 12 weeks is the time it takes for bone to heal. And I asked him today where my anchors were placed and they are on the base of my heel so I expect the lower heel will be aching for a while as the bone and then the anchor points/scar tissue heals up.

    And do continue to elevate! As you walk more you’ll swell and that still needs to be kept under control :) I’m elevating as I type since I’ve been up and about with no elevation since about 7:30AM.

  4. Thanks cserpent. It’s good to know the achiness isn’t uncommon…I’m already getting more used to the random aches that pop up as I ask more of my lower leg. Sometimes it’s the calf, sometimes different parts of the foot, the ankle, etc. Everything’s starting to wake up again, I guess.

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