Six days post-op - random thoughts.

Happy to report a small bit of progress - the pain from surgery seems to have tapered off and I’ve reduced the pain meds to almost nothing. I still get some odd sensations in my calf and ankle but nothing like the first three days. I’m glad to be off the stronger stuff (oxycodone/hydrocodone) because I feel sick when I’m on those.

I’m able to get through a half-day with my son without any assistance. My parents come over for a morning or afternoon spell to give me some time to rest. I’d like to work up to a full day at some point. Now that the pain is subsiding that feels possible.

The iWalk has been great…but I’m already sooooo tired of using crutches or the iWalk to get around. I stay in bed until the last possible moment each morning because the thought of getting the day started is so frustrating. I guess I’ll get used to that at some point. Another iWalk note: this thing is so creaky and squeaky after a week of use! That would be my only complaint to date.

My first follow-up appointment is set for 3/21. Not too far to go. It’ll be fun to see what the incision and stitches look like, and to feel like I’m slowly checking off some milestones.

My neighbor is a nurse at a nearby military hospital. She said they have 26 people in boots or casts like mine at the moment. ‘Tis the season for lower leg injuries, I guess. She’d never seen the iWalk before so maybe it can help a few of those folks out, too.

2 Responses to “Six days post-op - random thoughts.”

  1. Hang in there. I agree, the iwalk does get a bit creaky the more you use it. I bought a couple of gel knee pads from Lowe’s that I put under my knee and that really seemed to take a lot of pressure off of that area and made it more comfortable. Still, if you don’t have to go to work, just take it easy and don’t wear yourself out (unfortunately I don’t have that option). It’s great that your parents can help with your son. Glad your pain has gotten better. The first couple of weeks were the worst for me. It’ll get better then new challenges will follow.

  2. I’ll definitely look in to those gel pads. I’m slowly getting more used to a longer time in the iWalk. It’s fortunate that I can work some rest time into the day, though. My son still has a solid afternoon nap so as soon as I get him upstairs I come back down the couch and stretch out. Then I pray that he sleeps!

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