Almost 8 months-Ready to Play???

Haven’t posted in a while but here’s where I’m at. Had surgery on January 2nd so almost 8 months ago. Swelling and soreness pretty much gone except for first thing in the morning or if I sit for a long time. Then I have to get the foot loosened up. I [...]

Surgeon- PT relationship

So Im now 3.5 months since surgery. I was in pt for 12 sessions, 2x a week for the past 6 weeks. Last week at the surgeons office he said you are doing well, no more pt, go to the gym on your own. I asked him how would I know when [...]

Take Every Step With a Purpose

Been in shoes for about 10 days now and had 2 pt appointments so far. I never realized how hard it is to actually walk properly. My pt said you have to take every step with a purpose - heel down, straighten leg, push off with toes. I practiced that for 20 [...]

2 shoes and swelling

Got approval last week to go into 2 shoes. Thanks to everyone on the site for saying how its like taking 8 steps back, but its still progress towards the ultimate goal of healing. Finally got to drive!!! Drove myself to work today and kids to school so a little normalcy will return [...]

Shoes, Sneakers, Boots?

So I have a doctor appointment in about 9 days for my 8 month checkup and if all looks good, he will recommend me into 2 shoes. I know there have been posts about what shoes to buy, but if anyone can refresh my memory and list some recommendations, it would be appreciated. [...]

Getting There and Looking Ahead to 2 shoes

Just finished week 5 and its amazing how quickly the body adapts. Mostly FWB although I still use one crutch if I have to go long distances. At the end of the week I can remove one of the wedges from my boot and then 2 weeks after that I should be in [...]

And now the boot…

Okay so Im 4.5 weeks in and Im now PWB with 2 wedges in the boot. Been walking with 2 crutches and of course have some new questions. (PS - thanks to veryone who answers my posts. This site is a lifesaver!) So how tight do I need to make the boot. [...]

No More Cast

4 days till end of cast-new questions

Been in a cast for 4 weeks and it finally comes off Thursday.  also been on antibiotics since the doc said it was slightly infected so hopefully when its off, all will look ok.  The plan is to get the boot with 2 wedges for 2 weeks, 1 wedge for 2 weeks, and then 2 [...]

One Week Down

Had my first follow-up on Tuesday with the DR. Had the splint removed and got a cast. Ill have this cast till next Thursday when they take it off, remove the stitches, and get a new cast for two weeks. Then I get the boot. I asked about getting the boot [...]