Almost 8 months-Ready to Play???

Haven’t posted in a while but here’s where I’m at. Had surgery on January 2nd so almost 8 months ago. Swelling and soreness pretty much gone except for first thing in the morning or if I sit for a long time. Then I have to get the foot loosened up. I can do a nice run on the treadmill, some weak (but getting better) calf raises, and no problems with activities of daily living. My question is this - there is a new season of sand volleyball starting in 3 weeks and I think I would like to play. I hurt the Achilles playing indoor so of course Im tentative. I hit the ball around and practiced a few days ago, some jumping on the sand (my vertical even before the injury is like 3 inches - its a D+ league so not hardcore by any means). Had no trouble with side to side running. It is hard to get moving straight ahead and straight back, but after the practice I iced up and felt good. Anyway, how do you know when youre ready to try and push yourself a bit? Unfortunately I was only given 6 weeks of pt after my surgery, so I don’t have professional advice, but I know some of you out here are as good as any professional. Thanks!

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  1. Hi Phoenix,

    Not a professional at all, but have almost reached 1 year post-ATR and am back at playing some sports and full on training in the gym. :-)

    Can I suggest that you visit a physio, ask for an assessment of where your achilles and calf is at and also ask for a program you can work on by yourself (or with very little intervention or medical help if that’s the way you like it). In the last few months of my recovery, I really only saw the physio for massage of the calf and foot (I now get plantar fasciitis) but she was great in giving me hints and tips on how to return to sport with confidence.

    Need to be able to do calf raises with balance & strength, move to small box jumps and then larger. Work on ankle mobility too. Interval training is good, you need to be able to change direction and pace quickly.

    Anywho you’ll figure it out, because mostly I think you just know when you’re ready to rumble right?!

    Good luck and happy healing
    Miss Emm

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