Surgeon- PT relationship

So Im now 3.5 months since surgery. I was in pt for 12 sessions, 2x a week for the past 6 weeks. Last week at the surgeons office he said you are doing well, no more pt, go to the gym on your own. I asked him how would I know when to increase strength training, running, etc… and he just said your tendon wont break, get on a treadmill, and slowly increase the speed each week. Im not too confident in that approach. I did a single heel raise for him, maybe 1 inch off the ground. So I guess my question is, anyone have a good workout regimen for the next 2-3 months? At pt I was doing calf raises on the machine (lying on back, setting 4 for 2 legs, 2 for one leg), balancing on one leg and catching a ball, step downs, recumbant? bike, and some other strength activities. I still have swelling but its manageable. At this point I think I’ll just go to the gym and match the exercises I did at pt, and when they get too easy, I’ll just increase the weight. Anyone have this issue with surgeon - pt relationship?

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  1. Yeah, I took PT into my own hands at week 5 (post op). My insurance didn’t pay for it, so it was too expensive ($150 a session).

    I just went to the gym without a routine…..pool, bike, calf strengthening machines, stretching and the doctor said I looked okay at week 12. I told him I wasn’t going to PT and he was fine with it. He expects me to work hard so by week 16, I can do a single leg heel raise.

    For me, it was listening to what other people said on this blog. Don’t push too hard, listen to your body, and don’t over train in the first 12 weeks. I started being more agressive after week 12 and I think by week 16 i can get a single heel raise in.

  2. I watched some videos on youtube and added my own stuff in. I haven’t started yet but I have a lost of stuff to do. If you search youtube for achilles rehab you’ll see more stuff to do like I did. Just remember that some of the people there are ahead of you and can do more advanced things than you.

  3. Having been in a cast 1-week, I am curious if you had any lasting effect from your unanticipated slip in January when transferring from the knee walker to a chair?

    I had a similar incident.

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