Take Every Step With a Purpose

Been in shoes for about 10 days now and had 2 pt appointments so far. I never realized how hard it is to actually walk properly. My pt said you have to take every step with a purpose - heel down, straighten leg, push off with toes. I practiced that for 20 minutes. Along with the towel toe crunch exercise, the disc push down thingy, some light stretches, ultrasound and ice, I feel that its going ok. My main issues right now are #1 - the swelling. My ankle is like a balloon. Icing helps, but after a few hours walking, its like my foot has a goiter. Its been hard to find comfortable shoes. I have to wear a 1/2 size larger since the surgery, and I also have to buy a wide shoe now, otherwise my toes are crunched in together. Im sure thats all part of the issue. The other area of discomfort is mostly the small toe and the area right near it under the foot. Theres some pain there when walking, but mostly in the morning until things get loosened up. Walking barefoot on tile isnt much fun either. Interestingly, the achilles area feels fine so its amazing how much this injury messes everything else up. Ive been icing as best I can and just ordered some ankle ice band so hopefully that will arrive soon. I cant complain too much. After 8 weeks of no driving, at least I have that freedom back. Being careful. Another pt appt tomorrow. Just looking at this as one week intervals right now and trying to get some strength and stability back a little bit each week.

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  1. Ya, work hard to control the swelling. RICE. I padded around the house in a nice soft squishy pair of Crocs (actually cheap Chinese imitation Crocs from Chinatown) when I first got into 2 shoes. It seemed simpler than carpeting the house with the kind of squishy soft stuff that Crocs are made from. . . They’re also pretty forgiving of one size here or there — and at ~$5 a pair, I could easily have supplied myself with different sizes, even for left vs. right.
    I wouldn’t worry much yet about stretching/ROM or about regaining strength. If you just walk as normally as you can, and elevate etc. whenever you’re not walking, it will tend to re-train your leg and foot to do their jobs. Any exercise that makes your swelling much worse is probably too much too soon.

  2. I completely agree with Norm. Take it slow and be very careful for the next few weeks until the tendon is fully healed. Treat the swelling as much as possible, since it more than likely stunts the healing process. Walk as much as you can and the Crocs for me were awesome for the house and driving.

    Also, I had minimal pain in my Achilles area, but joint pain on the top of my foot and stiffness in my Peroneal tendon. Most of this was from the lack of strength in my calf from all the atrophy and 6 weeks of NWB. Your NWB days do affect the rest of your leg also. My doc said, “for every 1 week of NWB you will need 3 week to get it back”. Good luck with your recovery and therapy.

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