2 shoes and swelling

Got approval last week to go into 2 shoes. Thanks to everyone on the site for saying how its like taking 8 steps back, but its still progress towards the ultimate goal of healing. Finally got to drive!!! Drove myself to work today and kids to school so a little normalcy will return to my schedule. I start pt tomorrow and will start out with 2 days a week for 6 weeks until my next checkup on April 11th. So here are my newest questions– swelling! Theres not much pain, but my ankle looks like a melon by the end of the day. Ive been icing and elevating before bed, but with 2 little ones to take care of, I am on my feet a lot. Any advice? Also, good call on the hiking shoes. I had an old pair that I wore for a day. I liked the support but my scar didnt appreciate the rubbing so I ditched those. I ordered a pair of good running sneakers but until I get those, I noticed my achilles foot is tight in my shoes. I know the size is ok, since my left foot is fine, so is it just swelling all over the foot? I know this might last a while, so any tips on dealing with this would be appreciated. Anyway, not complaining. I have a pretty high pain tolerance (at least I think I do - we’ll see what happens in therapy.) Anyway, being careful, and I find myself walking looking down a lot. Went to Walmart and anyone that came within 3 feet of me got a dirty look. Of course I would do that anyway in that store.

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  1. Hi there, i am only in 2 shoes for a few short weeks, i use a compression bandage/sock. I also use ice alot and rest as much as i can. When you are forced to on your feel alot, perhaps try to use arnica ice gel or oil. It is very good for tendons. All the best, take care. By the way can you do heel raises yet, i am 16 weeks…just for interest

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