Shoes, Sneakers, Boots?

So I have a doctor appointment in about 9 days for my 8 month checkup and if all looks good, he will recommend me into 2 shoes. I know there have been posts about what shoes to buy, but if anyone can refresh my memory and list some recommendations, it would be appreciated. I think for work I can use a good lightweight hiking shoe. I am around kids a lot and they have no qualms about knocking into you so Im looking for some support and some protection. What about for pt? Any good sneakers to recommend? And did anyone use inserts at first. Just re-read the blogs on re-ruptures to scare the crap out of myself. I want to try and make sure to minimize complications once I am hopefully out of the boot. (PS-I do plan to wear the boot intermittently for scary outings and activities!)

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  1. Confused here. On February 12th, 2013, you posted “Just finished week 5″ and now you’re a week before your 8 MONTH checkup? Please explain. (And install the ATR Timeline Widget too, if you can.) Thanks.

  2. I assume it is a typo and should say 8 weeks not months.

    My sports physio recommended to use a good quality running shoe with a well cushioned sole. I didn’t have any particular pronation issues previously so went for a neutral shoe and added a pair of simple 5mm heel lifts. The shoe brand choices are endless but I went for Nike Pegasus range due to cushioning, comfort & looks. They have been so good that I have bought them in different colours and I wear them into work with a suit on.

  3. I doubt that the choice matters a lot, as long as it doesn’t “anger” your scar, and nobody kicks or trips you. I wore Crocs around the house because the bottom of my foot was hypersensitive and the squishy gel felt great. And I got squishy gel inserts for my outdoor shoes and boots. I used the boot, and somtimes a cane, for scarier outings.

  4. Okay, that should read 8 week checkup, not 8 months. Wishful thinking. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the shoe advice. Appointment is tomorrow. Exited and nervous at the same time.

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