Getting There and Looking Ahead to 2 shoes

Just finished week 5 and its amazing how quickly the body adapts. Mostly FWB although I still use one crutch if I have to go long distances. At the end of the week I can remove one of the wedges from my boot and then 2 weeks after that I should be in 2 shoes. The think that amazes me about reading this blog is how different everyone’s recovery is. Some people get a cast, some dont. Some people stay in a boot 3-4 months, others much less. Its really hard to gauge progress. As I get ready to go to 2 shoes, are there suggestions as to what I should wear? A sturdy hiking boot? Something with a heel? I am fully aware of the risk of re-rupture and with 2 little ones running around my house, that is my greatest fear. I know even after getting into 2 shoes, I will be wearing the boot for yardwork and other semi-dangerous activities. I’m looking at it as get to the 4 month post surgery mark and Ill feel reasonably safe, and then get to the 6 month mark and start getting active again without too much worry. At this point, if it was my left foot instead of my stupid right so I could drive, I wouldnt even care. Pretty much self-sufficient other than needing to be chauffered around to work and everywhere else.

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  1. The timing of recovery really is so different for everyone. I just passed week 6 post op and had my hard cast removed yesterday. So, I am a week ahead of you time wise and several weeks behind you recovery wise. My doctor said to start working up to being FWB over the next 4 weeks. I have 3 inserts in the air boot and can barely put any weight on it at all. Would you be willing to share your process of going from on crutches NWB to PWB to FWB? My doctor didn’t give me much guidance…I feel your pain with the inability to drive. I ruptured my right achilles as well. I’m very excited for you, you sound excited and very optimistic! Happy Healing!

  2. I ruptured my right AT also, so I know the pain of not being able to drive (work, dr, appoint., PT, kids, etc….)
    As far as what kind of shoe to wear, I started with a sturdy hiking boot (something with good ankle support and a nice size heel). I also loved my Crocs for driving and walking around the house. I also got some gel heel lifts that I used the first 2 weeks in my shoes which helped the pain.

    More importantly be sure to protect your healing AT. Your coming into the weeks for the greatest risk of rerupture, so be sure to take it slow and be careful until you feel comfortable. (Ex: My first week of 2-shoes I had to put my boot back on for all the stairs at work). Anyway, good luck and happy healing.

  3. mindfulatrofhealing, the gist of NWB-PWB-FWB is simple: At first, you’re holding your injured foot off the floor. Starting PWB, rest it gently on the ground as you crutch-walk past it, AS IF you were walking normally. Then very gradually, try to turn that “pretend-walking” into more “real” walking, by shifting a bit of weight onto that foot when it’s going through the motions. Listen to your body, avoid pain, but keep gradually sliding toward normal.

    When you’ve managed to shift all your weight to the injured foot (and especially when you start forgetting where you left the crutches!), you’ve made it to FWB.

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