4 days till end of cast-new questions

Been in a cast for 4 weeks and it finally comes off Thursday.  also been on antibiotics since the doc said it was slightly infected so hopefully when its off, all will look ok.  The plan is to get the boot with 2 wedges for 2 weeks, 1 wedge for 2 weeks, and then 2 shoes at the end of the month.  However, while Im in the boot, the doc says he does not want me to do any pt at all?  Does that sound right to do nothing?!?  Also, I know the angle of the boot doesnt let you put 100% of the weight onto the floor when you walk, but do you still need crutches to get around?  I bought a knee walker which allows me to do my job and get paid (despite constant ribbing from co-workers), but crutches may be a problem.  also, in the boot, can you describe what its like to try and take that first step?  After a month of not having the foot on the ground, I cant imagine trying totake a step.

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  2. hi phoenix…im pretty much in the same situation like you…however, i was given a boot from day 1 and never had a cast…im on week 7 now and last Mondey when i visited my doc he said to start walking using one crutch…on day one that was impossible…my leg felt so weak and i was also scared to put weight on it…the next day i managed to do my first steps on the boot and boy that felt so nice!!! so my doc said that i should go like that for about 10 days and then 2 more weeks with the boot on and no crutches…so in 3 weeks (a total of 10 weeks since surgery) i’ll loose the boot…when i discussed with the doc about physiotherapy he said it was my decision…some docs dont really get along with physiotherapy, some others suggest it…all i can say is that im really glad im doing them…actually im going for about an hour everyday and i will do a max of 20 sessions…the physiotherapist said im doing really well and i feel quite good cause after 6 weeks of doing nothing it feels great to move my leg again…to me,physiotherapy is a great psycological boost and i believe its totally necessary…its like the transition phase from surgery to strengthening exercises and program that one will do after the physio is over…dont be amazed when you hear a top doc that physio is not really necessary…some docs thing that after their job is done then you wont need anything else…good luck and be strong!!!

  3. When you start PWB to FWB most of us start out with two crutches. Make sure to walk as normal as you can (Ryanb was a great video to show this).

    After working through 2 crutches you move to one crutch, and then to FWB, when you don’t need the crutches any longer. A couple of weeks later you should move to 2-shoes and not need your boot anymore. This was my experience, but other move faster or slower. All of my protocol once I started the progression said to progress as pain allow(ed) me to. Also, I’ve been in physio for 2 months. I started Therapy at 8 weeks and it has been immensly helpful in speeding up my recovery and keeping me motivated. I will take as many session as my insurance allows. Do exactly what they say in therapy and keep up with your home exercises.

    Good luck with your recovery.

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