Kids and Work - what to do?

Just 6 days post surgery now.  This injury is really awful with two little ones - I have a 5 and 3 year old that go to daycare.  As my wife works 12 hour days, I was the one that would take them to school each morning.  So its relying on my mom and brother to help out and as all of us know with little ones, its not easy to do.  The fact that its my right achilles means Ill need help even longer since I cant drive.  So here are my questions…  Number one, aboout how long does it take to be able to drive again?  I figure once the boot comes off (not even in the boot yet) but what if you have to slam on the brakes?  And what are your thoughts about going into work?  Most of my job can be at a desk with some walking and I can use the knee walker.  Of course there is the risk of someone crashing into my leg.  I meet with the Dr tomorrow.  My understanding is that this is just a post surgery follow up, then next week he is replacing the cast I have now with a fiberglass cast for two weeks and then I get a walking boot.  Should I just wait to return to work when I get the boot and there is less chance of getting hurt?  Man, being home alone and useless sucks.

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  1. I wasn’t able to drive for about 9-10 weeks, but my doctor said wait until the boots come off completely, which was 12 weeks for me. This is a heavily debated question, and I’m sure you will get more than one answer. The fact is you will ultimately have to decided when its safe to drive, so take your healing, doctor’s advice, and friend suggestions intoi consideration when deciding. I ended up relaying on my awesome friends to help me get my kids to school. Good luck.

  2. My boot came off at 8 weeks and I started driving the next day. It was remarkably more easy and painless than I anticipated but I’m glad I didn’t try much sooner. I feel like if I had to slam on the brakes it would be more of a leg movement than an ankle movement but that may be just me. As for work, I’d probably wait until you get the boot if you can but I guess it depends on the environment. When I had a splint I was constantly afraid people would bump my foot and I probably jerked my foot out of the way more than I’d have liked. I felt more protected in the boot.

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