About Me and the Injury

Hello everybody. I’ve found this site to be incredibly helpful in learning about my achilles injury so I figured I would share my story here as well.

A little about me…I am a reasonably healthy 32 year old male. I bike 6 miles per day to and from my job and my bike is my main mode of transportation in Philadelphia, weather permitting. I play soccer twice a week most weeks, a Tuesday night fustal pick up game and in an over 30 recreational league on Wednesdays. I am an avid hiker, hiking often in remote parts of Pennsylvania in rugged terrain. (You can read about that here.)

I ruptured my achilles on Wednesday, October 17 while playing soccer. I wasn’t near anyone when it happened and was simply going to pass the ball with my right foot when I felt the sudden pop that many others on this site have mentioned. I was pretty sure of what happened right away, and needed my teammates to help me off the field.

Photo Oct 15, 11 29 11 PM Still in my soccer shoe at the ER the night of the injury.

I stopped at home after the game and picked up some dry clothes (we had been playing in a pretty drenching rain) and headed over to the ER at Hahnemann Hospital. The ER doctor (who happened to be the podiatry resident) performed the Thompson test and immediately knew that there was an achilles problem. They gave me crutches and told me to make an appointment with their Foot and Ankle Center. I made the appointment for Friday morning with Dr. Howard Shapiro.

The doctor and his resident confirmed what the ER doctor had told me and that I had a complete rupture of my achilles. He said that surgery was the best way to correct my tear and that it would give me the best chance to return to the activities I had been doing. Surgery was scheduled for October 28, eleven days from the injury.

The days between the diagnosis and the surgery weren’t bad. My parents were kind enough to drop off some food for me to cook easily. I minimized how much I went out, as I live in a third floor walk up and the stairs are not easy on crutches. I can luckily do most of my job from home, so that wasn’t much of an issue. I had an MRI and some pre op testing and soon it was surgery day…

Photo Oct 19, 10 38 58 AM My first cast - pre surgery

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