PWB to FWB and FWB to 2 SHOES? (Help…how did you do it, exactly? What to expect, tips, advice…)

Since the above key transitions take place within a month or so of each other, and our PT\Thought process is geared toward the “next step,” can anyone please tell me\us HOW you went from PWB to FWB, [...]

Here are a few items that may help your ATR process, and hopefully others come this community with chime in and offer more aid.

Procare Evenup Shoe Balancer $27
AP Roller 5X13 Deep Tissue Massage $22
Duro-Med Ortho Bed Wedge 8X20X24 $27
Elasto Gel Ice & Hot Wrap for Foot & Ankle Pain $32
Body Rider Fan Bike + Imitation [...]

A Capsule of my first 4-5 weeks, No op vs Op links, Op to FWB, tips, links and more for newbees.
anyone has any tips or comments that I can add to update this, that would be great.
I incorporated this into the NEWBEES post and it is open to change and added tips, comments and [...]