Posted by: pezfuerte | December 28, 2008

Christmas Kayaking with Das Boot

Hey everybody.  Just wanted to share a little adventure I had on xmas eve.  A lot of my friends were in town for the holidays and everybody wanted to go surfing so I decided to come along to hang out and take pictures of people.  The waves were super fun and everybody was having a blast and I was pulling out hairs stuck on the beach taking pictures, but still happy to be out and about.  About half way through their session my buddy comes in and says “hey lets take out the double kayak.”  He lives a block from the beach so it was easy to get and after thinking about it for a minute I decided what the hell, I’ll go out if you carry it to the beach.  I had just seen my physical therapist the day before and asked him if I could top-rope rock climb in a gym with the boot on.  My physical therapist climbs and surfs so he understands the mechanics, and he told me that climbing would be fine with the boot on.  So I figured kayaking can’t be that bad.  Their’s no real chance of an impact to my foot and the worst that could happen is we flip and end up swimming, but my PT said swimming was okay too.  So needless to say we went out in the kayak and had an absolute blast.  No incidence, other then getting a bit cold because the wetsuit I borrowed was full of holes.  The only downside was I had to walk around in a wet boot for awhile, but just being back in the water made everything worth it.  Hope everyone else is having as good a xmas as I am, I wish you all the best of luck and the speediest of recoveries.




Great! I’ve been wanting to try kayaking. Lacking a wet suit, I think I’ll wait until the snow melts. I must be few degrees north of you …

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