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2 weeks post op plus 2 questions (viewer beware, I’ve added the gory pic)

more staples then I\'d like to think aboutSo I had my 2 week appt a few days ago to get a plaster cast and have the staples removed.  The good news is that the staples was altogether painless.  I was pretty nervous about that, but it ended up being okay.  I had a pretty nasty incision as you can see and there were a lot of staples so I was afraid the first one would hurt and then it would be that same thing 23 more times.  I will admit 2 things though, I did pop a vicodin the morning of the appointment, and the area of the incision felt a little numb to touch.  However my experience was exactly what the nurse told me “it doesn’t really hurt, its more of a burning sensation”.  That was true for a couple staples where it was a wierd burning feeling.  Other than that it went well.

My first question is when I should expect to be able to drive again.  I cut the left leg and I unfortunately have a manual transmission.  My doctor said I should be able to start walking in 6 weeks, but I didn’t have the presence of mind to ask him about driving then.  I’m wondering if just because I can “walk” will I really be able to stomp down on the clutch or will that take a while longer?  Also, I saw a PT yesterday to get some exercises to help keep my hip strong in the injured leg so that when I do start walking I will have a strong hip to help absorb the motion.  She told me that when I get the boot I should wear a shoe that makes my right foot the same height as the left that is in the boot.  She said to just put some foam or something on the bottom of a flipflop to make them equal heights.  Has anybody heard this or done it.  It makes sense but I’m just curious to other’s experiences.




I was told that as soon as I can weight bear I will have both shoes (of just two pairs!) fitted with heel raisers. I will have to wear those shoes for eight weeks. The ortho people need my shoes for a week to fit the heel raisers into them and they said the inserts were not that high - about 1cm?

Tui (New Zealand)

Wow! I have never seen an Achilles incision like that. That is really cool!!!!!!! I think I have incision envy!!! Ha ha

When I was walking in my boot, I made sure that the other shoe was at equal height because I didn’t want to throw out my back. I think it helped me a lot. Also, my doc did not let me start to drive until close to 10 weeks post-op. It may depend on what exactly you had done though. Happy healing.

pezfuerte - that’s a really interesting looking incision. What’s the reason for such a different incision?

As for driving. You should search for “driving” or “drive” from the main site, with the google search tool bar. There has been several discussions on driving. I’d say after you are 2-shoes, but it’ll help to read what people have been saying.. And you should ask your doctor on your next follow-up exam. good luck, and keep us posted! :)

Hey pezfuerte-
I also ruptured my left Achilles. I started driving an automatic about 4 weeks after surgery.

As for a manual, I tried it a couple of weeks ago (I am almost at 9 months now) and it was OK but my tendon was a little sore afterward. You don’t realize how much calf and tendon strength you need to push the clutch forward. Or, maybe I’m just a wimp :)

Good luck with your recovery!

Hey everybody,

Thanks for the feedback. I added the other pic to explain the incision. As you can see I made half the incision myself, my surgeon made the other half. He had to cut the two sections going up and down to get at the 2 tendons I severed that I guess had sucked back up into the leg. Believe me I know it’s gross.

Wow! That is pretty gory is that the way you went to the hospital? How did you injure yourself?

I popped my left AT as well and started driving my standard at almost four months post-op. But…I was re-rupture and in very conservative treatment. I didn’t go to two-shoes until after thirteen weeks. Also, I was able to borrow my girlfriend’s car (automatic), so I wasn’t in a rush.

I would say once your doctor/PT has you started on heel lifts, you might then consider driving your standard then.

Thanks for the gory pics! I, too, have incision envy.

As to driving, with left leg, I assume it will be earlier than I can drive. I did my right. The doc says 3 months post-op (manual transmission). The concern is pushing too hard during emergency breaking.

Thanks for the shoe tip, BTW.

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