first steps…

It’s really odd wearing a right shoe for the first time in two months, under the guiding eyes of my amazing Japanese physical therapist i took my first steps. They were tentative, learning to walk again, something so natural was humbling, I was so vulnerable and focused and scared and excited.

2 Responses to “first steps…”

  1. Of all the landmark steps on the way to full recovery, going into 2 shoes is the “worst”, IMHO, because it makes your walking much slower, makes you (correctly) feel much more vulnerable, etc., etc. Still, it IS a step on the way to full recovery, so it’s a Good Thing!

  2. Re-learning how to walk strikes me about right. Time-line wise, I’m about a month ahead of you. In two shoes, you’ll keep making progress, but not as noticeable or as dramatic as getting off the crutches; or getting around in the boot. But even the boot becomes a liability.

    Got to move it to improve it. Wishing you the best with a full recovery.

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