Camboot Adjustment tomorrow

After 7 weeks with my foot at 40 degrees of plantar flexion, I will beginning to adjust the setting by 10 degrees towards 0 each week tomorrow.  In weight bearing regimes this would be similar to reducing the number of heel wedges.

However I am non-weight bearing for another 5 weeks.  I can remove the camboot to shower and to put my ankle through a range of movement - inversion, eversion and limited dorsiflecxon from the resting position.

i enjoy having my foot out of the 1.5kg boot when I typically apply a cold compress whilst it is elevated.  I also have some scar tissue beneath the skin anterior to the skin wound which caused some discomfort until Sue suggested massaging diclofenac gel into the area which has been effective, I believe.

i tried my Vacoped boot which is very supportive and will be great when I commence weight-bearing, but it feels tight on my leg and this is less comfortable than my camboot which is nearing its use-by-date but remains functional.

i wonder how functional my wasted leg with long lost ankle proprioception will be when I am allowed to weightbear.  Me thinks a lot of gait rehab and  prescribed exercise will be needed.  With this in mind, I bought the Evenup for my good foot because I anticipate that I will use the Vacoped to protect the Achilles from being strained by excessive plantar flexion. Because Ithink this lack of protection caused the re-rupture..

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