Wow! The last two days

Ok. Went to the specialist Thursday morning for ultrasound and results of and her first words are your going for an op! So here I sit now post op.

I was advised that the gap in my Achilles was 12mm and to be sure of a strong repair she wanted to op, it all happen so quick but now that it’s done I’m happy and ready to move forward with the rehab.

Was told that if not for my athletic background it could of been done non op but in my case and best interests she went surgical.

My Road back to CrossFit

I did my Achilles 10 days ago and I can honestly say I’m confussed on what is the best road back for me! I have seen a specialist on 1 occassion and I had to push for that to happen, I was advised in hermind non surgery was best with an early exit from a cast and into a moonboot to start PT? This however goes against everything I have read and heard that surgery offers the strongest possible repair.

I visit her again for an ultrasound on Thursday and think I will push for this after reading Dave’s blog today, unless someone can tell me how this type of rehab programme has worked for themselves or others?

In terms of the injury it was done doing box jumps, I was just about to finish my workout which was 21,18,15,12,9,6,3 reps of box jumps, kettlebell swings 28kg and sit ups, I was in the doing the 6th rep in the round of 6 when it happened, no pain at all just my foot wouldn’t work.

I feel down about the fact that in my eyes there has been a lack of action to get me on the road to recovery!!! so I am expecting more to happen on Thursday when I go for my ultrasound, I will let you know how it all goes :-)

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