One year on and better than ever

Well its been a long time since I have posted in this blog. Im over a year since my ATR and ive been back to normal now for a while, Im crossfitting like my old self other than the recycling of box jumps. my stregth is better than ever , I have PB’d all my [...]

Life is good

Well life is pretty much back to normal No limp, no pain no swelling! I have a little stiffness each morning or if I sit for a period of time and start to move again. My scar has some weird looking lumps and bumps but I’m not to fussed as I have had in [...]

My rehab program

Ok so this may not be for everyone but this is what I have been doing  for the past 12 days since my boot came off, this is something I came up with after being told what I could do and what I felt my Achilles could handle day to day.
Day 1..
Seated single LHR with [...]

Progress everyday

Hi all, I’m making such good progress everyday, I can do 5 sets of 20 two LHR and 5 sets of 10 one LHR, my ROM is the same as my good leg and walking stairs is no problem, I still have swelling at days end and find my upper calf tight that causes a [...]

Good bye boot

Just got in from latest check up and have got the all clear for 2 shoes very happy at how things have gone and are going, I’m going to start a strength program for the next month and get this leg to a point where I can do weighted squats in 4 weeks (Dr’s [...]

Count down to 2 shoes

Seen the Dr yesterday and had the las wedge removed from my boot, he had a look at me walking without boot in bare feet and said 2 more weeks in the boot and he would like to see me in 2 shoes
Told him I have been sleeping without a boot he said [...]

Back to work

All is progressing nice and smooth! I started back at work on Monday which I must say is an awesome feeling, being back in there doing stuff that I was doing before ATR is great.
I am FWB and have been since my last post, I also manage to get around the house with no boot [...]


Hi guys, just wanting to know what is the timeframe to start PWB and FWB? My specialist has been on holiday for the last 4 weeks and I was told by the fill in to not WB for 2 weeks that was last week, I’m now 4 weeks post op and in all honesty my [...]

Day 7 in boot

Not much to report, went and had remaining stitches removed today was also told that I would be NWB for another 2 weeks, so with any luck at that time (3 weeks in boot) I will get the all clear to PWB at which stage I can return to work
My calve is so small it is [...]

Day 7 post op

So at day 7 post op and not a hell of a lot to report, I have very little to no pain in my leg, I haven’t needed to take any drugs what so ever since leaving Hospital, I’m not sure how normal this is but I’d like to think it is and that my [...]