Cast off

Well went back to see Hospital today. had half of my stitches removed and leg is now in a boot, wow!!! how good is it to be out of a cast? I’m back to get the rest of the stitches done in a week.

In terms of how things are feeling, I have noticed I am getting some knee pain in my injured leg, I’m thinking it is from a lack of use so I’m going to start doing some leg extensions and mobility work on this leg but keep it all NWB.

That’s about all I have for now, I’m back to surgeon next week for the removal of the rest of my stitches so will report back then :-)

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  1. I spent a fair bit of time kneeling on “that” knee during rehab — like at the bathroom and kitchen sinks, and at the kitchen counter, on various padded stools or a wheeled office chair. During my first ATR rehab, post-op with an ultra-slow OS, “that” knee began blowing out before he FINALLY stopped putting me in casts and let me get into a boot. I wouldn’t expect that to start as soon as you are, but it can happen later.
    Second ATR, non-op with a nice modern evidence-based rehab, my knees were fine.

  2. F@#k just had my crutch slip forward on me and I came down on my injured foot, a sharp pain shot up my leg now I’m fearing the worst :-(

  3. Don’t panic. Rest up, elevate. Hope everything ok!

  4. That happened to me twice, my first two days pwb right around day 7 and 8. One even sounded like Velcro ripping. I too feared the worst but it all turned out ok. Ice and elevate!

  5. Went and had it checked out, I’m happy to report all is ok!!!! massive weight off my mind.

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