One year on and better than ever

Well its been a long time since I have posted in this blog. Im over a year since my ATR and ive been back to normal now for a while, Im crossfitting like my old self other than the recycling of box jumps. my stregth is better than ever , I have PB’d all my major Olympic and Power lifts and I can run multiple 400,200,100m sprints with no effect to my Achilles.

When I first rutured I thought it was the end of my world! but due to a great support system and never giving up Im back 100%….. I pushed the limits in my rehab and in my mind that paid off big time as I flew through my recovery.

Keep your heads up and stay positive and everthing will work out.

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  1. Glad to hear it, Peter. I’m at 14.5 weeks currently, and Nautilus / the recumbent bike aren’t fulfilling my desire to gasp for air like metcons do.

  2. Yeah Man!

    Love to hear the progress! Snapped mine on Box Jump 78. 5 Weeks in and kinda coping. Just missing death by burpies and obviously surfing!!

  3. Congrats and good to hear!

  4. Another competitive Crossfitter here. 12 days post ATR, hopefully can find your full story.

    Not sure I’ll ever be mentally able to do a box jump w/o fear.

  5. Will probably do a box jump or 2, absolutely no rebounds and likely step downs.

    I dont actually blame crossfit. I have always been a runner and stopped running for 2 years (surfed a lot etc). Started running again with Vibrams and twitched my left AT and started crossfitting. 4 Months in I snapped the right one. My theory is that I transitioned way to quickly to natural running, injured the left tendon and over compensated on the right and boom!

    6 Weeks in, non operative and moving to neutral in the boot on Tuesday, will probably transition over a few days from 2cm to zero. Hopefully by week 16 life will be fairly normal.

    I dont have a blog here…to be honest is seems a bit confusing to setup. Would also like to hear more, especially wrt to recovery and protocols and actual PT exercises. Knowledge is power ;)

    I am still crossfitting btw…pull ups are my middle name.

    Keep Strong!

  6. Hi Peter,

    being still on my cast I am wondering how things can go once I get back to the box. Box jumps, double unders, sure will be the last things I will be doing, snatch, clean, perhaps few months before.. but during this process, how can I ensure I am on the safe side?

    As there was no previous advice before ATR, appart from how you feel day after day, did you do any particular check on your Achilles?I mean to ensure that there is no risk of a new rupture.

    Today, I am guessing you are completely recoverd, are you following any particular routine on stretching, PT ..?

    Thanks fo your advices!!

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