Life is good

Well life is pretty much back to normal :-) No limp, no pain no swelling! I have a little stiffness each morning or if I sit for a period of time and start to move again. My scar has some weird looking lumps and bumps but I’m not to fussed as I have had in my opinion an amazing recovery.

I’m doing full RX CrossFit WODS apart from running, jumping and skipping, I am building strength back well my squat stats are good Back 170kg, Front 145kg, Overhead 112kg these are about 10-15kgdown on my pre injury weights, Snatch 92.5kg 2 days a go and Cleaned 115kg today once again both a touch down.
I have found that my Jerk is low but I don’t try be to explosive at this stage.

Happy healing everyone

4 Responses to “Life is good”

  1. Hey,
    did my achilles at crossfit 3 weeks ago while doing double unders and read your story. Cool to hear that it is doing well.
    keep up the work out!!

  2. Remarkable speed, way to go!

  3. Your recovery sounds like it is going amazingly well! I am still too scared to return to CF. I am back to normal as far as lifting and have even started slow jogging a couple of weeks ago but I just don’t trust myself to not push myself during CF and am going to wait a good 9-12 months post surgery before returning. Just the thought of the day I return to doing box jumps and DUs scare me!

  4. replace box jumps by simple steps ups!

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