My rehab program

Ok so this may not be for everyone but this is what I have been doing  for the past 12 days since my boot came off, this is something I came up with after being told what I could do and what I felt my Achilles could handle day to day.

Day 1..

Seated single LHR with 25kg dumbbell 5 x 5

Standing 2 LHR body weight 5 x 5

Deadlifts at 50kg 5 x 10

Bodyweight squat 5 x 10

I also did a farmers carry with 30kg dumbells it would be around 25 metres and I make sure to walking with correct form no limp!!!! I repeated this 5 times. (note I am always doing seated and standing LHR though out the day how many I would not know but it could be hundreds and I have been doing seated for a couple off weeks since going weight bearing)

Day 2 onwards…

My aim was to add 1 rep to each set per day until I could do a minimum of 5 x 10 reps ( I added weight to deadlift and capped it at 70kg and never changed the bodyweight squat)

Once I hit the  5 x 10 rep on the seated singles I added weight and got to 40 kg dumbells at 5 x 10 this happened at the same time, so I was at 5 x 10 @ 40kg

At this point I gave standing singles a shot and found them quite good so I subbed these for seated dumbells and I done daily 5 x max effort and all the other exercises, plus I added dumbbell stair climbs….

And that is pretty much how I have got to this point, I don’t want others to try this but I was asked what I have been doing, this injury to me has been something I was always going to try to beat, people who know me personally aren’t to surprised at what I am doing currently!!! I guess it is who I am and that will never change….

I hope in some way this can help all of you and I totally believe that the mind is your most powerful tool you can use, I have never quit on anything and never will…

Good luck all

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  1. Today I also added weighted back squats at 60kg 5 x 5.

    And as part of the Crossfit WOD front squats 50kg….
    WOD 8 deadlifts @ 60kg
    6 front squats @ 50kg
    1 strict press @ 50kg
    10 minute AMRAP…. score 8rds 1 front squat

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