Progress everyday

Hi all, I’m making such good progress everyday, I can do 5 sets of 20 two LHR and 5 sets of 10 one LHR, my ROM is the same as my good leg and walking stairs is no problem, I still have swelling at days end and find my upper calf tight that causes a slight limp.

I have done 3 body weight crossfit workouts this week that included squatting (which I can reach full depth) and weighted deadlifts @ 70kg and the leg is feeling awesome.

I just can’t think of how my recovery could be going any better.

Happy healing everyone!

2 Responses to “Progress everyday”

  1. That is impressive. You went from 2 one lhr to 50 in 11 days? How were you able to build up that quickly?

    I feel like I have a pretty aggressive schedule and can’t even do 1 one lhr and I’m about at the same point as you. I could probably do about 40 two lhr.

  2. Amazing progress - I haven’t attempted to do a single leg heal raise and am scared to do so. Double heal raises are no problem. I don’t plan to return to CF until I am at 9 months out or possibly a whole year. I injured myself doing DUs and though I think it was just a fluke, I don’t plan to try those again for quite some time and just want to wait until I am closer to 100% before I return.

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