Hi guys, just wanting to know what is the timeframe to start PWB and FWB? My specialist has been on holiday for the last 4 weeks and I was told by the fill in to not WB for 2 weeks that was last week, I’m now 4 weeks post op and in all honesty my leg feels fantastic!!!! I have great range of motion I have tried to weight bear and can I can even walk FWB in my boot, I have hardly any swelling and zero pain apart from tightness in my ankle first thing in the morning after being in a boot all night.

I did read most people start PWB after 2 weeks so I thought I’d give it a go and I was walking FWB later that day, the only thing I don’t do is stretching of the Achilles, but I do the whole alphabet ROM thing 3 times a day.

Any feedback as to weather I’ve done the right thing both positive or negative would be great.

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  1. Each case is different, I did 4 weeks cast, then boot 3 weeks. I ditched the boot at 1 week in the boot and practiced partial weight bearing by doing a 3 gait walk with my crutches and then one leg, now at week 8 I can walk fully. I have a limp, but I always practiced weight bearing till I could fully walk no crutches. So again everyone is different, but I always tested my ability to weight bear by laying down on my bed and bridging with both legs then seeing if I could take my good leg off and still bridge. Helped build strength for the first steps, But too much too soon is also bad.

  2. My doc and my PT both say the most important thing post op is for the tendon to heal. I think that contrary to one may think, it take more discipline to do little than to do too much. I feel great, my swelling is down, etc. but at week 3, my main focus is for my tendon to heal together properly so that I have a good foundation for rehab and avoid any possibility of healing long or similar. This is just my take. I have learned from this blog that there are many ways to a successful recovery.

  3. Peter

    Showing good initiative with the FWB, don’t overdo it though.

    Scott, dead right, the most important thing is for the tendon to heal well. although there will also be other tissue damage due to the incisions.

  4. Peter - I would suggest if you have been walking in the boot without crutches you have moved to the next stage, FWB. There is really nothing wrong with that and in aligns with the more modern protocols. I suggest you keep it up as tolerated and deal with swelling the usual way. If you leg gets tired or sore then rest, elevate and ice. What the research has found is locking up a tendon for 8 to 12 weeks with no weight is counterproductive. It does not promote ‘good’ healing. There is no need to stretch the tendon at this stage so what you are doing there is good as well. Early weight bearing and motion will assist the remodelling of the collagen and get you back to a normal life sooner.

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