Day 7 in boot

Not much to report, went and had remaining stitches removed today was also told that I would be NWB for another 2 weeks, so with any luck at that time (3 weeks in boot) I will get the all clear to PWB at which stage I can return to work :-)

My calve is so small it is shocking!!!! but the swelling in my foot is all most gone at this point, it has pretty much happened over the last 3 days which has given me more ROM with my foot and toes.

2 Responses to “Day 7 in boot”

  1. Peter, the NWB stage is the worst (IMO), and there’s just not much you can do but wait it out. Your Achilles needs some quiet time to heal before you start putting it to work again. Once you get to PWB, FWB is not far off (1-2 weeks) and then you can be a much more active participant in your recovery. Although it’s a slow process, your calf muscle will come back! Lastly, be prepared for swelling to increase as you begin each new stage in your recovery: PWB, FWB, 2-shoes. Just when you think it’s under control, new activity and new muscle use will bring it on again. I originally thought of it as a step backwards, but now I know it’s all part of the recovery process. Best of luck to you! -David

  2. Congrats! Good luck with your healing

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