Back to work

All is progressing nice and smooth! I started back at work on Monday which I must say is an awesome feeling, being back in there doing stuff that I was doing before ATR is great.
I am FWB and have been since my last post, I also manage to get around the house with no boot [...]


Hi guys, just wanting to know what is the timeframe to start PWB and FWB? My specialist has been on holiday for the last 4 weeks and I was told by the fill in to not WB for 2 weeks that was last week, I’m now 4 weeks post op and in all honesty my [...]

Day 7 in boot

Not much to report, went and had remaining stitches removed today was also told that I would be NWB for another 2 weeks, so with any luck at that time (3 weeks in boot) I will get the all clear to PWB at which stage I can return to work
My calve is so small it is [...]