Day 7 post op

So at day 7 post op and not a hell of a lot to report, I have very little to no pain in my leg, I haven’t needed to take any drugs what so ever since leaving Hospital, I’m not sure how normal this is but I’d like to think it is and that my recovery is going just fine!!!

I’ve been keeping myself busy in terms of training, done 4 work-outs this week all upper body stuff in an attempt to hold on to as much strength as I can in my upper body. my legs on the other hand are well a different story, I do pistol squats on my good leg but the other leg┬áhas already lost size and is a shadow of its former self LOL! (these legs most body builders would of killed for)

Well until next time stay safe.

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  1. Lol. I know what you mean. I was a gym rat before and I had big muscular calves. Now I have a bird leg :’( Glad you haven’t had much in the way of paun , I was the same also. I feel bad for those with so much complications. Keep it up and good luck with your healing.

  2. Pain from the ATR itself is hugely variable, from mild (but weird) discomfort up to excruciating. Post-op pain is much more widespread (though you largely escaped), though it fades much faster for some than others.

    I found my ATR op quite a bit more painful than my more recent heart-valve replacement, which included a full sternotomy (sawing the ribs apart)! Mind you, I couldn’t believe how LITTLE pain I had from that surgery, and I stopped taking all pain pills (even Tylenol) while I was still in the hospital, a couple of days post-op!
    I also hit the ski slopes (Whistler) much faster after the open-heart surgery than either ATR (one op, one non-op). Whistler at maybe week 8 post-OHS (though slow, padded, and stopping to check my heart-rate monitor!), not till 17 weeks post-non-op ATR (though skiing full bore).

  3. I didn’t have much pain post op. Maybe the second day I had enough to at least try the Percocet I was given (although I probably could have powered through…but why!).

    Good luck! I had my surgery on the 16th so we are about the same spot.

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