Wow! The last two days

Ok. Went to the specialist Thursday morning for ultrasound and results of and her first words are your going for an op! So here I sit now post op.

I was advised that the gap in my Achilles was 12mm and to be sure of a strong repair she wanted to op, it all happen so quick but now that it’s done I’m happy and ready to move forward with the rehab.

Was told that if not for my athletic background it could of been done non op but in my case and best interests she went surgical.

4 Responses to “Wow! The last two days”

  1. Lots of different opinion on best route to take. Glad you’re happy with your op route and looking ahead to your rehab. Good luck with it all. Happy healing.

  2. Was wondering if you were going to go with surgical or not. How are you feeling? I was in a lot of pain after mine - I wasn’t one of the lucky ones that got pumped with meds in their IV that was good for 24 hours plus. The good news for me was by the 4th day, I was all set with my meds and no longer required them. Hope you are recovering well and feeling pain free.

  3. Hi atr2014, I went the surgical route, have had very little pain to report just what feels like cramp when I drop my leg down from an elevated position. I’m at day 3 post op and just really looking forward at hitting the rehab and all the different milestones a head.

  4. Good luck to you in your recovery!

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