Day 7 post op

So at day 7 post op and not a hell of a lot to report, I have very little to no pain in my leg, I haven’t needed to take any drugs what so ever since leaving Hospital, I’m not sure how normal this is but I’d like to think it is and that my [...]

Wow! The last two days

Ok. Went to the specialist Thursday morning for ultrasound and results of and her first words are your going for an op! So here I sit now post op.
I was advised that the gap in my Achilles was 12mm and to be sure of a strong repair she wanted to op, it all happen so [...]

My Road back to CrossFit

I did my Achilles 10 days ago and I can honestly say I’m confussed on what is the best road back for me! I have seen a specialist on 1 occassion and I had to push for that to happen, I was advised in hermind non surgery was best with an early exit from a [...]

Hello world!

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