7.5 Months and feeling great ..even with a skinny calf!

Hi All


Just thought after all the great advice and support this blog provided during those dark early days, I would check back in and write a quick update. It has been approximately 7.5 months and I am almost back to normal. I say almost because my calf muscle is still struggling to get back to its original size. I don’t notice any daily effects however, if I try to do the 3X25 single heel raises the last two sets are very tough. The bike riding, tennis and even short sprints are all 90% there. The hard part is remembering to do the heel raises as my daily functioning is very close to where i was pre surgery. The good news is all my post tennis pain ( i had a bone spur that developed and was the cause of the rupture) has gone. After 10 years I am free of pain after tennis! YAHOO!

to all of you on the blog don’t stress to much. It really is a year long recover, but at 5 months I was hiking in the mountains and not even noticing the injury. Stick with and best to all.

WOW …16 weeks and on my way…

Wow….. 4 months seemed so far away when this journey started. Now it seems like life is back to semi normal and I can start to concentrate on the usual stuff.

For those who are in the early stages of the POST Surgery phase I thought I would do a brief timeline of my recovery as this was something I wanted to see when I was early on. It helps to understand how once you get the cast off life and return to a nice pattern if you remain positive.

From the day i got my cast on to the day the boot came off ( 10 weeks) I made a goal to get to the gym every day. I only missed 2 days!. I rode the bike every day (single legged when I was in a cast), I did upper body and core, alternating between pull weight exercise, core on the even day and Push weights and core on the odd. The 3rd day was a 30 min ride and light stuff. It really helped with the mental aspect of being immobile. Also, when i started PT at week 12 I had good flexibility and i was easily able to go past 90 degrees if i wanted (Dr. said don’t until week 12. I think the riding helped keep the freezing of the joint at bay…

At week 12 (when i was allowed to go past 90 degrees flexing) I rode my road bike for 30 min twice, and managed to climb a 500′ hill. The cycling was surprisingly easy on my Achilles, but the shoe was a bit rough on my heel (I had a bone spur shaved off in addition to the ATR). At this time I was walking in the Alter G and at a 20min / mile pace at 55% body weight. I went up about 10% BW per week. I was also swimming from week 10 on but no adding flip turns until week 13…

Today, week 16, I ran for 2 miles at 80% of my weight on the Alter G treadmill ( a body weight / anti gravity machine that supports a % of your body weight ) . I also used the skipping rope and did some one legged jump ups. The tendon feels very strong and I can sense my body is “starting” to forget about the surgery. I say sense because in the morning it takes a while to get going and at night, when it’s tired, I still ice for 15 min (twice daily). My PT has me doing (if I can ) 3 set of 15 single leg heal raises 3 times daily. I’m lucky if i get in 2 of these and i still need to assist as the single leg raises are very taxing. The calf strength is so slow to come back, but it is coming back. I hope to be able to start with a slow easy walk / run outside in a week or so. I rode for 1.25 hrs this weekend with a 500′ climb and it was better than 2 weeks ago. I know from prior ACL surgeries that rushing PT is a fools errand. The risk reward is not worth it….Slow and steady…Listen to your body…

Happy recoveries to all…..before you know I am sure we will have forgotten we had the surgery!

extracorporeal shock wave therapy And Achilles ruptures

This is to hard to believe, but 3 months after my ATR July 17th, 2011) my wife has just ruptured hers! Besides being hard to believe and crazy weird, we are really trying to understand if there is some common element that lead to the ruptures.

She plays tennis as do I, so very likely this is the reason BUT she is not that explosive and was very warm up and well stretched. We both had sore Achilles treated by the ESWT 2-4 months prior to the tears. I know there is a relationship between Cipro and other fluoroquinoloneas (we did not take any) has anyone ever heard of a relationship between ESWT and ATR’S?


Has anyone ever heard of a relationship between ESWT and ATR?
I know there is an antibiotic that

Very excited at 12 weeks…..free to roam!

I just wanted to post to say how excited I was today when the Dr. gave me clearance to roam about the world free healing and sans shoes. Goodbye heel lifts and hello Birkenstocks! 12 weeks post-surgery seems like a re-birth! To celebrate I went on a 45 min bike ride and enjoyed the beautiful sunny 65 degree day. So a big thanks to this blog as it really is a great source of support and help to getting through this lengthy rehab. It seems like only yesterday that I had the surgery and I really feel like I have turned a corner and can see a normal existence in the not too distant future. The surgery was for a: Full Achilles rupture and a bone spur removal that involved a detachment of the tendon at the heel and 3 screws to reattach the tendon once the spur was removed.
For those of you just starting the process I do recommend utilizing this site for rehab protocol and any questions that arise.
My current rehab is going well. I can do 7 single heel raises and the swelling of the heel is not bad. I walk 30-40 min a day and the ride today actually felt okay. No hills yet, but in a few weeks I’ll start working on those. My calf was measured as only .5cm less than my “good” leg so the Dr. says that is functionally normal.
All the best to everyone, and thanks again.

Incision slow to heal…..any sugestions?

I have a 1 inch section of the incision that just does not want to join together. The subcutaneous part is all closed, no infection or anything. Anyone else get this? I figured it was because the foot sweats in the boot so I cut the boot foam open. Seems to be slowly getting better, but it is aggravating..On week 9!

Dr said all is fine, but i go into shoes next week and kinda want it all closed up

any comments would be interesting.

thanks! can’t wait for the shoes…..YAHOO!

Down to no Lifts in boot…some tingling?

Hi All

Well its week 8 and the DR said only 2 more weeks (i had a bone spur shaved in addition to the ATR) of the boot. I took out the lift that was in the boot (Dr’s okay) and notice that there was a slight tingle on the heel at the end of the day. I suspect the tendon is being stretched a little further, but thought i would ask if anyone else experienced this.

thanks Peterc

Incision healing ?

Hi Everyone….
My ATR surgery also involved a detachment and reattachment of the AT at the heel bone. I had a large bone spur shaved off in addition to the ATR surgery. The incision is healing fairly well (at week 6) but my heel is “warm” and slightly tender at the lower part of of the incision where the heel / bone spur work was done. has anyone else experienced this ?


Sleeping with boot off? When?

Hi There

I was wondering when people started sleeping with no boot. It would be nice to give my foot a breather. Dr said okay “if I felt confident” I am FWB no problem on the boot. 5 weeks post op

Also, did any of you get a sore heel from the boot?

Thanks PC

4 weeks 2 days to FWB (9 days after cast is off….)

Seems crazy, but I had my cast taken off on August 11th and yesterday to my surprise I suddenly found myself walking without crutches!

The cast came off Thursday 8/11 and I was NWB for 6 days. I went back to the Dr. on Wed 17th to have him look at the incision ( thought it was opening up which it wasn’t) and was told i was clear to PWB and that over the next 2 week I would get to FWB. Well here I am 3 days later and pretty easily able to FWB in ROBO Boot and an “Evenup” on the other foot.

I am going to take it super easy (may still use a crutch periodically) as I don’t want to rush things. It just seems quick to me….

3 weeks post Op and the cast is off

Hi everyone

I wanted to start by saying thanks for the site….

First blog here
Tore my Achilles July 17th, Surgery 21st. Aug 11th cast came off!
Had a large bone spur that caused the tear. So in addition to the Tendon repair they shave the spur. This added somewhat to the surgery as they had to reattach the tendon at the heel after the spur was removed. It’s been a 10 year issue.

But the good news is one more week of NWB and the Dr said I can move to FWB using crutches. I have been using the Knee Up scooter. WOW this thing is great. Get one (rent) if you can!

Dr. said after after next week i can go to PWB and then it should take 2 more weeks to be FWB no crutches.

Started the ROM exercise yesterday and wow did it feel “exposed” at first. Did the side to side ROM and some Alphabet stuff.

Certainly don’t want anyone around (especially the dog) when the boot is off!

Anyway, slow but steady progress. I am in the gym every day (really helps the mood) and yesterday started riding the stationary bike with the boot on the 2nd pedal. I have been riding with one leg for 3 weeks. Breaks a good sweat. Upper body and core are easy to do. Just remember NWB….

See ya soon.