7 month update

Today I am about a week shy of my 7 month Post op anniversary. I thought I would post an update as it may be helpful for others looking ahead.

Things are continuing to improve and get better week by week. I do still feel the pulling sensation in my achillies when I am walking/exercising, but it is decreasing and there is zero pain or discomfort associated with it. I stopped PT about a month ago. The rest I am doing on my own. I have been building up my jog time. It has been a slow pace (about 5.0 on a treadmill), but I am up to 24 minutes. This week I am going to start slowly increasing my speed. My PT recommended that I build endurance before speed. I am also doing light cutting and directional change exercises; slides, runing in circles, changing direction, jumps, etc. My calf is still undersized but the doc said that it normally takes a year to come back fully.

I will say that I am very confident at this point doing all of these exercises. As I build up to a faster speed, I’m sure my body will have to adjust. But big picture, I’m happy to be where I am at now. No big issues and continuing to improve. I’m happy to be mobile and pain free (outside of some soreness after workouts) If I had to guess, I’d say i feel about 60-70%. My goal is to feel about 90% at the 1 year point.

I have never been a long distance runner, but I was planning to run my first 5K this past summer. I tore my achilles days before the run. My plan is to still run my first 5K in 2012.

Good luck all!

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