16 and 1/2 weeks

It’s been a bit over 16 weeks since my surgery. Things are continuing to progress along. When I am concentrating, my limp is nearly gone, but I am still not back to a fully normal walk yet. As time has gone on, the tightness of the tendon has gone down and my ROM is continuing to improve. Stregth is improving too. I can see muscle definition now. When I used to be working my calf, I only felt pulling on the tendon. Now when I am working it, I can actually feel the muscle getting a workout. I am just starting to get in to very light jumping exersizes. I am starting to feel a bit more confident with the tendon stregth.

As for discomfort, it is really depends on the day. When I walk to much, I get random pains in either achilles and my good knee. But as time goes on it is less and less. I am getting less and less swelling in my ankle these days. At some points, it almost looks close to normal. That’s gotta be a good sign.

PT is down to 1 a week, most of the other stuff I am doing on my own. Doing a lot of biking and leg exersizes. I actually just bought a new bike, it has been the first outside riding that I have done as opposed to a stationary bike. No issues on the normal bike, but I am very scared. I worry about a fall, don’t want a rerupture.

My other big break through is that I can now fully bend my toes. Up until about 2 weeks ago, I couldn’t curl them all the way. Now I have full movement. This seems petty, but I took it as another milestone.

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  1. Having less swelling when you walk is a good sign that your calf muscles are working. I still swell up a little if I stand around more than walk. Walking and biking are really good exercises. Your confidence on the bike will increase. Good to hear things are moving forward again for you.

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